Big Yellow Tutu

September 28, 2005

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This Saturday is going to be amazing. My hands are shaking already. From now til then I shall be drinking lots of whiskey and lemon to get my vocal cords in good shape for some screaming, wooohing and singing. I shall be ultra conditioning my hair and painting my nails. And of course, will be listening to nothing but…


Yes yes yes. In the sunny borough of Wembley those lovely boys shall be entertaining me and the swish. Well, us and a few hundred thousand other people, but they don’t count. It’ll feel like they’re singing to just us.

I refuse to read any tour diaries with set list spoilers, all I hope is that theres nakedness and pyrotechnics. If there isn’t I shall just have to get the swish to dance naked round a match when we get home, and I’m pretty sure he won’t enjoy that.

To top it all off the boys of sexxx are also coming into work tomorrow, unfortunately its not for an MTV show so I can’t think of any reason that I can give for why I need to be in the studios. I might just sit in the foyer all day and wait for them. But just the idea that their little asses will be giggling about in a studio directly beneath my desk will keep me happy. If only we had see through floors. I’m going to wear something pretty tomorrow though, just in case I run into them. I hope I don’t only run into Tom, that’d be so disappointing.

The possibility of Frog afterwards for dancing to The Long Blondes to try and cling on to shreds of indie cred is looking good. Anyone else going?


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