Big Yellow Tutu

September 26, 2005

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Oh, it was a lovely weekend. My mother always said I’d get bored of going to gigs and maybe she’s right. I didn’t really go out all weekend, save for a couple of whiskey and gingers after work on Friday. Instead I indulged in some sight seeing and housemaking.

After last week’s uber fun day out to the Natural History Museum this week we decided that the Science Museum would be a good choice this weekend. It was great, not as good as the Natural History because it was all ‘look how far man has come’ rather than ‘look at what we’ve destroyed nature wise’ but the Digitopolis bit was ace. It was a giant hall all about Digitalisation, mainly of sound. You could build your own web site with your fingerprint on it. This is mine…

I went home happy and made the best sausage and mash ever.

Sunday was a day of middle class boho life indulgence. We went to Columbia Rd flower market, bought some very lovely architectural spikey/fluffy plants; made proper stock and made some almost nice chicken mulligatawny soup. It was pretty much all organic. I’m so old beyond my years.

I do wish I earned twice as much though and could spend hundreds of pounds on food and whiskey. It’d be lovely. If only the amount of work I do every day corresponded with my pay packet. I can’t wait until I’m running Hits or TMF and have a pop filled, money filled life. I’d be so so happy.


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