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September 23, 2005

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Love Bites


NME Rock Royalty my ass. If only they knew about my pop loving ways. Girls Aloud have definitely been played more times on my iPod than Test Fucking Icicles.

Me and The Swish are indulging in the freebie blagging ligger lifestyle and so last night ended up at a Gibson showcase that from the flyer looked like a smelly nerdy guitar boy jizz fest but on closer inspection had the lovely words Love and Bites written on it.

For those of you who don’t indulge in the world of pop Love Bites are a new all girl punk pop band, signed to Island (the home of the much missed Busted and the much creamed over McFly). They areAimee Haddon (16, lead guitar/vocals), her younger sister, Hannah Haddon (15, drums), Dani Graham (16, lead vocals/bass) and Nicki Wood (17, guitar/vocals). So yes, they are very very young.

They make noisy songs with lots of shared vocals and are fucking amazing. They sound a bit like The Chalets, just less kitsch and classy and more shouty and rawk. Nicki (the brown haired one) is my favourite. She’s very hot and pulls the most perfect guitar poses and lip curls you’ve ever seen.

My only criticisms are that Aimee looks a bit miserable most of the time, and Dani is a bit tarty looking and not very rawk. Aside from that they’re faultless.

The evening was lubricated with free booze and food. Shots of Jim Beam lined up in front of me were too good to resist and needless to say I got hammered. I remember talking to Ben from Rooster and my hands shaking while I was talking to him, and then feeding one of the caterers chocolate biscuit fingers dipped in whiskey. Oh dear. Swish and I ended up singing Tatu down Bethnal Green streets. In Russian of course, no lame English lyrics versions.

We collapsed into bed exhausted to look at the clock and see it wasn’t even half 10. Pop is clearly the new rock n roll. Bring on seeing McFly next weekend.


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