Big Yellow Tutu

September 16, 2005

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I’ve arrived very early at work this morning, doing the good and dutiful employee thing. Today I have more work to do than I think may be physically achievable, though I’m pretty sure that spending 10 minutes writing an LJ update won’t help these matters. I’ve also had about 6 hours sleep in the last 2 days so my normal green or nettle tea is being bravely replaced by a lovely cup of coffee toxins.

I went to some snazzy press screening of Corpse Bride last night, the new animated Tim Burton/Johnny Depp thing. It was exactly what you would expect of it – quite dark, lots of lamenting about being dead but having a heart and some quite cheesy songs. It got a bit too Lloyd-Webber at points. CGI wise, its perfect and quite mind-blowing, but its just not very interesting plot wise. It’ll spawn a huge range of merchandise dolls though I imagine.

Tonight I’m off to the Art Brut Battle Of The Franchises gig in Kilburn. An evening of little professionalism, lots of band line up swapping and lots of drinking and dancing probably. The words “Art Brut! Top Of The Pops!” may be muttered once or twice over the course of the night.

Tomorrow brings with it my Great Big Northern Adventure. I’ve never been further north than Alton Towers but that will all change by about midday tomorrow, I’m going to Liverpool and Blackpool. I have dug out my Burberry, got my hoop earrings out, pulled my hair back into a tight hair sprayed ponytail and I’m ready. Sorry, that’s a little snobby of me isn’t it? In all honesty I am really excited about it, especially Blackpool. I want to go on the roller coaster, see the lights, ride a donkey, get some candyfloss and maybe play some bingo. Mr Swish assures me that Blackpool is shit but I refuse to believe him.

In other news my mother’s bees have started to produce honey.

Oh yes, and the new Lisa Scott-Lee single is actually really good.


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