Big Yellow Tutu

September 13, 2005

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Last night was the first gig I’ve been to in about a month. I think that’s the longest no gig time for about 2 years now. My ears were not happy, the complained all the way home, ringing and hurting. I’m just not as hardcore as I used to be. (She says whilst drinking her organic green tea).

The night kicked off drinking cider (again organic) in Soho Square park and watching pikey boys piss into the bushes. I’ve realised I quite enjoy cider, it doesn’t taste of vomit like beer tends to. I think I may have found a contender for my whiskey love.

The gig opened with Twisted Charm who, if I’m honest, are starting to bore me a little. Maybe I’ve just seen them too many times. When Nathan left stage doing his rock diva thing again I just wondered if they really deserve as much of my love as I give them. Sure, the songs are ace, I love Sexual Sax, and Nathan’s hair is something amazing, but I need a little more than nee-naw-nee-naw ra-ra-ra-ra-ra-ra-ra-ra-ra.

I hadn’t seen Black Wire in about 2 months and had forgotten everything about them. When they kicked into Hard To Love, I realised I’d even forgotten it was their song. Its been so long since I went to Frog. Their lead singer is still hot hot hot, and the best wiggling dancer ever. He has a great ass in some lovely jeans. I definitely like them more than Twisted Charm at the moment.

They did get a bit Donny Osmond on us though “Did you all like Twisted Charm? Are you looking forward to Test-Icicles? You guys have been great! You’ve made me day! You’re all so raucous! If you all dance we’ll get on the cover of Artrocker.” Hmmm…way to play the crowd.

Whilst I was still clutching my half pint of cider (I am too broke to drink at the moment) Test-Icicles came bounding on, to the accompaniment of some very epic sounding drums. Mmm…manly. They were fucking brilliant. It made the days when we used to go and see them when they only had three songs since like an age ago. They have so many songs now, they couldn’t even play them all. Shocking.

Sam is still lush and has the best hair ever. Despite their between songs ramblings and banter they sounded really tight. They knew what they were doing, Dev didn’t pass out from blood loss, and they shouted. Boy oh boy, they shouted. It was so so good.

We left after that cos Ex Models suck. We even saw Tom & Paul Artrocker leaving after Test-Icicles and its their fucking night! Honestly, such little dedication.

Today is not massively busy, though it probably should be. I’m living in fear of NME turning up to work some time this morning and me being very embarrassed by it.

I’m interviewing Kid Carpet for Artrocker on Thursday, so if anyone has anything good they think I should ask him then please do tell me. At the moment my brain is in neutral and I can’t think of anything worthwhile to ask him.


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