Big Yellow Tutu

September 12, 2005

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It was a lovely weekend. Friday was spent watching too many episodes of Lost (seriously – we’re up to number 15 already, we’re going to get to the end of the series far far too soon). I drank lots of gin and fun was had.

Saturday was spent having a deliciously 11am based lie in. Much needed, I’m finding I’m getting nowhere near enough sleep these days. Being absolutely skint at the moment we needed something fun and cheap to do that wasn’t sitting in the flat watching TV. So we trekked over to the Natural History Museum. It was sooo good. Loads of dinosaurs, interactive press screen here bits, stuffed tigers, stuffed birds with funny beaks. Just amazing. It even had a giant cross section model of what a cock looks like in a lady’s vagina. It was quite rude. Really, right up there. Hmmm…

I’ve decided I want to get married there, in the big hall with the dinosaur in it. You could walk down the big stairs, throw the bouquet over the bridge at the top and have the wedding photos on the steps outside. Its such a beautiful building. I think Mr Swish got a bit weirded out by all my talk of this.

The dinosaur bit of the museum is well worth a trek down to South Kensington. I always forget that dinosaurs were once real and not just part of some horrid Crichton/Speilberg wankfest. They had some really big skeleton fossils, some were fake but nonetheless huge and impressive.

Through the joys of mobile technology here’s a vid of the big animatronic one they have. Its quite scary, be warned.

Grr! Grrr! Grrr!

Sunday was spent going to Brick Lane for the festival thing, getting there, finding a pub and then going home an hour later. Too many people. Too many tourists. Not enough free curry. Too many bands we’d already seen a billion times.

Saying that, we’re going to see Black Wire, Test-icicles and Twisted Charm tonight. I’ve seen them all about 80 times before. But it will be ace. I can gaze at Sam from Test-icicles and dream about having his lovely shiny haired babies. He’s so damned hot.

We also watched the first episode in series 3 of the OC. It was very good. I won’t do the spoiler thing. That’s a bit mean. Its still the same as it used to be though, Kirtsen’s highlights are looking much better, Marissa’s legs look longer and Seth’s hair is still beautiful. Ryan has reverted back into his head on one side, gruff voice criminal look. God knows why people fancy him. He’s so square faced.

Tomorrow brings with it my NME Student Guide appearance. I’m dreading it. I was in such a bad mood that day, doubtless look really moody and sullen in the photos and probably come across as such a miserable old bitch in the interview. To begin with I was dreading the scenester aspect of it, now its even worse. I’ll be a miserable, serious scenester. Especially compared to The Frenchies, who are the chirpiest girls ever. I am so doomed. Oh well, at least the skirt I’m wearing in the shoot is quite pretty.


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