Big Yellow Tutu

August 5, 2005

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Its been a long week since my birthday. This is how it went..


Saw Willy Wonka and its amazing. Anyone who said it wont be as good with different songs was so wrong; how could you not like grinding, thrusting, space suit clad oompa loompas? Some of it is surprisingly similar to the original, especially the TV bit and the actual ‘world of your imagination’ land; but its really beautifully realised as a set on the whole, and the lack of scary tunnel with beheaded chickens was most welcome.


I went to Brighton, went on a very scary rollercoaster/waltzer that left no gap between the very old rusty rails and the 60 ft drop to the sea. I was scared. We made the unwise decision to at mussels from a polysterene cup on the pier that left me vomiting into a tapas bar toilets about 3 hours later. I left 4 inches of pulpy sick in their sink before we did a runner, oops.


Was supposed to be going to either the Vek at Isle of MTV or over to Gen’s picnic but the post vomiting nausea meant I stayed at home and made necklaces, badges, brooches and earrings from lego and ribbons. Expect to see them taking over the internet soon.


I nearly died on this day. Well not quite, but I was still scared. The tube got all screwy so I had to get the bus. I was sat at the back downstairs and there was this little Asian boy in front of me spouting shit about police officers and how he always gets stopped and searched. I thought he was just talking to the guy next to him, but when I noticed the guy next to him was looking out the window trying to ignore him was the same point when this guy stood up and starting shouting stuff about how they were all racist, how he wanted to punch them, then how his crew was ‘gonna get them’.

He then started singing that ‘I’m gonna murder someone’ song and got off the bus at the same stop as me. Great. He was very loud at this point, shouting loads and loads. I kept my head down and kept walking when he starting shouting ‘Oi! Oi!’ at me. He then stepped towards me and said ‘You’re going to die soon’. Aaarrggghhh. I was so scared. I thought he was going to follow me home and kill me. About 20 seconds of panicking later and Steve turned up around the corner to save my life. I could not have been happier to see him.


Went and watched the McFly back cat on TMF. Realised I’m in love with Dougie and not Harry.


Can’t remember. Probably played Sims 2.


I am the only person on LJ who didn’t go and see Art Brut last night. I went to go and see Test-icicles instead, I have seen Art Brut a couple of time before after all. Test-icicles turned out to be a bit of an anti-climax though, Bardens Boudoiur is a nightmare to get to. No tube, only a train and the venue itself has no sign outside, just a queue.

The venue itself is a long narrow, basement bar with the stage running along one side of the wall. Everyone gets squeezed into a narrow corridor in front of the stage, leaving two totally defunct bits of the venue where your view of the stage is totally obscured. Its consequently very very hot in there, to the extent the walls were actually wet. We left after 4 songs and got the train home to play more Sims 2. We may be addicted.

Today and the weekend ahead.

I have loads to do at work today, but my boss just said she appreciated all my hard work, so I feel a bit more motivated now.

This weekend brings Candy’s birthday marathon. It may kill me, the girl can drink anyone under a table, but I have my party shoes ready and I am ready to dance til Sunday. At the moment I am watching MTV Hits from my desk and my feet are already a-tapping to Simon Webbe and Charlotte Church.

Oh yes, and I was supposed to be getting the new McFly album on Wednesday and it still hasn’t turned up and I might cry. Chris did make me a lovely Dougie badge though.