Big Yellow Tutu

July 28, 2005

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Ah, I love birthdays. I had so much fun, a giant thank you to everyone who came along.

The day started beautifully with breakfast in bed and the two best necklaces in the world ( and I love my boyfriend very much. I got to work to learn that I had to chair the new videos meeting and I didn’t fuck it up. They also bought me cake and a blender and I love them. I headed out into the night with a big smile on my face.

The curry was mediocre, I made the mistake of not really reading the menu and ending up with something pineapple based. Drinking absinthe on top of a stomach of curry was the start of a messy evening.

We headed to the Vibe bar, I met a man who I’d been accidentally stalking and tried to convince Eddie that my ‘I love Argos’ badge had nothing to do with him, it did in fact have an Argos store logo on it. I don’t think he believed me.

We all headed back to the ever hospitable Candy & Steves for more boozing. We met an Irish tramp lady and walked along wearing one high heel and one boot. Classy. I drank more absinthe and more whiskey. I danced. I sung. Paula did the footloose dance and we were merry.

I was so so happy. I loved everyone there and was in such a jubilant mood.

I woke up in bed with Candy & Steve, still not 100% sure how that happened.

I also ended up in an illegal off licence trying to score some booze by flirting outrageously. It didn’t work and the shop assistant just spent 10 minutes looking at my boobs instead. Humph. He was supposed to do that and let me buy whiskey as well.

All in all, there is one happy Helen wandering around London. Old and happy and finding more grey hairs every day. All that would make me happier is a dishwasher.


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