Big Yellow Tutu

July 20, 2005

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Maybe posting birthday invites on the internet is a bad idea. But never mind…

Next Tuesday will mark 97 years of the FBI, 158 years since Liberian independence was declared, and my birthday.
Hurrah! I hear you shout. Hurrah!

Being organised for once I have a plan…

We’re headed to Chillies on Brick Lane for a curry and as much mango chutney as I can eat without being sick.
Poppadom munching marathons will be launched with the sound of a claxon at about half 7.

If you’re less curry minded, or in fact prefer sitting at home eating super noodles, we’ll be headed over the road to The Vibe Bar (its that big one with the tables outside and the toilets that sell vibrators). I reckon we’ll be staggering in at about 9ish.

So…come along, join us in realising that lots of booze on top of a dodgy curry maybe isn’t a good idea.

I’ve been uber organised and even put maps at the bottom of this now rambling post…

Anyways…I’d be very very happy to see you all next week…


Chillis map:

Vibe Bar map:


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