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July 7, 2005

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From my rubbish little map you can see I’m kinda equidistant from Liverpool Street and Aldgate stations, there’s so many sirens and helicopters everywhere. I’ve turned to TV up to try and drown out their noise but its near impossible.

A dodgy curry saved me from getting caught up in all of this, my usual commute to work would have taken me through three of the effected stations: Liverpool St, Moorgate and Kings Cross, all about the same time as the explosions. I feel very lucky to be off from work today.

We all knew that the time would come when this kind of attack on the mass transit system would happen and I don’t think any of us ever became complacent about it – you can always see the unnerved looks on people’s faces when the tube stops in a tunnel for more than 10 minutes. At some point we’ve probably all gone through emergency evacuations from tube stations at some point in the last 4 years, I don’t think anyone ever travels on the tube without the terrorism fear at the back of their mind. The general mood today seems to be massive sympathy towards those that were affected, rather than shock that its actually happened. Without wishing to sound morbid, but I think most people are bracing themselves for more attacks in the future, and just relieved that the bombs weren’t bigger.

Thankfully it seems that everyone I know in London is OK, I was very worried about Mr Swish for a while. He was on the central line through Liverpool St and Bank at the time of the explosions, got stuck on the tube, then evacuated and called me to say he didn’t know what was going on. I couldn’t get through to his mobile for ages and got very concerned, especially with all the news of the bus explosions. Thankfully he’s fine at work, with their blinds down on the windows in case of explosion. Its all very very scary.



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