Big Yellow Tutu

June 21, 2005

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Today has been quiet and sleepy. My boss is away ill and so things haven’t been as hectic as usual. All the clamour and excitement was squished into my heart today, because about 15 minutes ago I saw Mr Alex Zane. Twice. He kinda half smiled at me the first time I saw him. Hes lovely. His legs are very skinny but I don’t mind. My pulse was racing for about 10 minutes after the whole affair. I am starting to calm down now.

The usual meeting of watching the new videos wasn’t very interesting this week. The new Goldfrapp video looks like T Rex, the new Ciara single is really good and Lady Sovereign’s ditty is set on a bus with trumpeters.

Theres a kid outside with a T shirt that reads ‘McShit’ under the Golden Arches logo, and he has a very large bottle of Dr Pepper in his hands and an Adidas rucksack.

Glastonbury is looming incredibly imminently. I have nothing sorted as yet. The weather forecast on the BBC sites promises rain, so I think I have to go out and buy wellies. And possibly a tent. Not sure at the moment which is more important. I’ve been told by my sister to buy the cheapest tent I can find. We’ll probably end up in a tiny fishing tent.

I quite like this one…

If I drink enough whiskey I’m sure I can learn to sleep upright.


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