Big Yellow Tutu

June 17, 2005

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Tuesday night at Special Needs

Swish: Come on, lets go to the aftershow, it’ll be fun.
Me: No, lets go home and sleep.
Swish: It won’t be that late, I promise.
Me: But I feel ill.

Wednesday night before Fischerspooner.

Me: Come on, lets go to the gig, it’ll be fun.
Swish: No, lets go home and sleep.
Me: It won’t be that late, I promise.
Swish: But I feel ill.

He’s obviously much stronger than me; we made it to the aftershow and not to Fischerspooner. Humph.

This weekend I have Chichester friends coming up for a few days. We shall drink, lounge about in the sunshine, see The Chalets, go to Cargo and feel all summery. It shall be lovely.

Tomorrow’s Dr Who apparently has some serious man-love going on. Just as Capt. Jack Harkness is about to die he kisses Dr Who. A man from Mediawatch said “This is totally inappropriate, considering Dr Who goes out in the early evening and is meant to be for family viewing.” I can just see parents now saying to their kids “quick Quentin turn away, its men kissing; its ok to turn back now, its only a crowd of zombified dead children with gas masks welded to their face”.

Work is still going well. Though the sightings of Alex Zane still stand at zero. I am in the process of popifying my desk space at the moment, so far I have a pic of Fran from Travis and Danny from McFly (in football gear no less). I’m putting a presentation together about Robbie and Alicia Keys today for the giant management bigwigs. I’m trying to make it look all professional and pretty but cant seem to get away from that template/wizard look. I see now why designers get paid all this money, its quite tough. It turns out that ‘Insert>picture>from file’ does not make a good presentation all by itself. Damn.

And now I’ve just got sweet chilli sauce all over my mouse from trying to type and eat at the same time. Damn damn.


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