Big Yellow Tutu

June 15, 2005

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Pet hates for today

· Videos where the singer plays different characters
J-Lo – Get Right
Jem – Just A Ride
Avril Lavigne – He Wasn’t
To name just a few…

· Toilets that have a running water sound so you can’t tell if you’re still peeing

· Running out of breakfast goods in the morning

I’m off to Fischerspooner tonight. It was free – don’t laugh. I hope theres dancers. Clor are in support so it might not be all bad.

Last night’s Special Needs gig was impressive, on the back of the three songs I knew by them I didn’t really know what to expect. Loads of “do wop, la la la…”, giving it all a bit of a wedding disco feel. I was somewhat won over. I still don’t like the Barfly much though – its too hot, too crowded and I can never see anything. There was a giant of a girl in front of me who clearly thought that the gusset of her pink tights was a sexy thing and had them pulled up about 8 inches above her jeans line. So not only could I not see because of her but I was forced to look at her grotty hosiery.

Last night we had lots of arguments about plans for the evening, with me being a grumpy old woman and not wanting to go the aftershow and hang out with yelping 15 year old girls, and everyone else wanting to party til the sun rose. Was it a Tuesday night only for me? Did everyone else think it was a Friday?


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