Big Yellow Tutu

June 13, 2005

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Another weekend of no gigs. Not without trying this time though. Ok, so Friday night was spent in front of the TV, but on Saturday we actually left the house twice. So brave. We wanted to see The Long Blondes, Young Knives and Good Shoes over at Nambucca. The flyer said, “starts at 7pm, arrive early to avoid disappointment”. Did we listen? Nope. We got there at quarter to 10 to find a very big queue and no chance of getting in within the hour.

Having already turned down Selfish Cunt tickets we had no choice but to go to the pub. A pub that in fact, played ‘Swing Low, Sweet Chariot’ and ‘Whiskey In The Jar’. Brilliant.

The braver (and less limping than me) went to Frog but we staggered (literally) homewards.

Sunday was spent partially at Colmbia Rd flower market, where the hordes of middle class, middle aged women bought up Longiflorum Lillies like they were running dress agencies in the nineties. Being the trendy young thing I am I bought dark blue thistles. Just too cool. I also bought a dress and a top which although I love, I’m pretty sure I can’t afford. Both have ribbons though.

I watched Donnie Darko for the first time ever yesterday. And before the bitching starts – yes, I know I should have seen it sooner. I quite enjoyed it, but kowing what to expect from it did dull the shine somewhat. I tried to watch both ‘Women On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown’ as well as ‘Cherry Falls’ but gave up with both. The former being too highbrow for a Sunday and the latter being too far at the opposite extreme. Snob? Me? Never.

Tonight I am off to Leicester Square for dinner with work folk. I am wearing my new dress, maybe as justification for it’s purchase.


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