Big Yellow Tutu

June 10, 2005

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Everyone in the world went to The Cribs gig last night. Everyone in the world had Lj-ed about how much they loved The Cribs. I think I may be the only person in the world who thinks theyre a bit dull. They’re not that special. There are so many better bands about at the moment. Why is everyone creaming over them?
It turns out I was interviewing The Chalets, not The Cribs. This was somewhat of a relief – though it did mean I had a tonne of questions I’d prepared for The Cribs. It being the first interview I’ve done in my life I was bricking it. My questions were very Smash Hits, examples being “favourite type of ice cream” and “favourite festival”. It was all summer themed you see. 3 of the band members looked genuinely interested, one just looked really insulted that I didn’t really ask them much about the band. I now have to write 2000 words about it. Shit.
I drank too much last night, my plans to leave by 11 were scuppered by an aftershow and a continuation of the whiskey drinking. I don’t feel too bad today, surprisingly. Though I think I’ve broken my kneecap, I can barely walk on it – its got progressively worse all week. Considering going to the doctors but would feel a bit silly.
My plans for the weekend are to maybe go to Nambucca tomorrow to see The Long Blondes, Good Shoes (for obvious reasons) and Young Knives. Tonight maybe the Schla La Las, C-Jags and Twisted Charm and although I do like both The Schla La Las and Twisted Charm I’m not overly enthusiastic. At some point over the weekend we plan to go to the beach, maybe Bournemouth, maybe Ramsgate. The forecast looks cloudy but I guess we can put our jumpers on to drink Pimms and play beach volley ball.
I have stuff to do at work today, which isn’t great. Important stuff too, and I keep revealing far too much of my brassiere out the edge of my top than can be deemed ladylike. Oops.


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