Big Yellow Tutu

June 8, 2005

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Finally, I’ll actually be going to a gig tomorrow. After a weekend of falling asleep and not going to ‘trocker last night I have been feeling a bit on edge. I need some noisy guitars to ease my pains. Though doubtless when I get there I’ll remembr how I don’t enjoy late nights or noise. But tomorrow will be fun fun fun.

It’s the Cribs over at the Garage and I plan to drink a fair bit of whiskey. I’m not too bothered about seeing those sweaty triplets, Mr Swish creams over them but I’m not so keen but Black Wire and The Chalets are in support. Woooohhhh!!! Paula – be prepared for foot fame!

I am going to dance so much. Apparently I have to interview the Cribs for ‘trocker though. Might have to stay slightly sober. Humph.

Work is still fun. The toilets get cleaned every 3 hours; they look like they belong in a hotel. I still haven’t seen Alex Zane anywhere, maybe he’s busy cleaning the toilets. Tomorrow I have my “buddy lunch” where they hook me up with someone from another dept and treat us to lunch. Lovely. She’s called Joleen. I always preferred the Queen Adreena version of that song.

Tonight I was going ot be a good girl and actually go to band rehersals, I even brought my clarinet with me. But having the cribs interview kinda sprung on me I have to spend my time thinking of questions to ask. I’ve never interviewed anyone before. Its at Artrocker towers too, making me all the more nervous.


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