Big Yellow Tutu

June 7, 2005

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Updating on my lunch break. This might be a better idea than staying after work.

So much for my new found lack of uni kick starting my gig going – this weekend I was completely lame. I drank too much whiskey on both Friday and Saturday night and fell asleep in front of the TV by about half nine. So much for seeing Clor and Forward Russia. I blame the job. I actually have to get up early now and make sure I’m not in bed too late. I’m tired at the end of the day too, it seems that sitting at a desk is quite a physical and mental exertion.

I do still love the job though. We’ve got another of those meetings where we sit and watch the week’s new videos that have come through from the pluggers. I also get to glam up for the job, something my old Saturday job of stacking CDs on shelves didn’t really allow.

Yesterday I got my hair cut (same as it used to be, just with no blonde bit and a fringe I can actually see out of) and as I left the hairdressers I got shat on my some fucking pigeon. Right on my shiny new hair, I hadn’t been outside for more than 4 minutes. I was gutted.

We saw Sin City last night too, continuing the depressing habit of only going to cinema to see the biggest blockbusters. It is awesome though – the execution of the idea is fantastic. I loved the colour ideas of just letting some primary colours through the black and white. It is terribly violent though, and Bruce Willis doesn’t really stray far from his violent but gentle giant act. It’s definitely worth seeing though.

Mr Swish’s parents came up at the weekend, I got to meet them for the first time ever. They’re very glam looking and very nice. Though they did make us walk from Great Portland Street to Bethnal Green. It took about 6 hours and now my left knee is hurting. I am so unfit. But today’s lunch of tuna salad (with NO dressing) and fruit salad makes me feel slightly less pathetic.

Tonight my dad is coming up to London to bring up my vinyl and hopefully some much-needed furniture and to take his daughter for some much needed dinner. I could cook for him I guess and be a nice, kind, and appreciative daughter. Hmmm… gonna have to think about that.

I learnt from my first look at the midweeks ever, that the Band Aid single has sold 51 copies so far this week. Its June! Why on earth are people still buying xmas singles? Theres things like Bittersweet Symphony and Golden Touch at the bottom of it. Incredible.

The flat is still lovely, and the whole co-habiting thing hasn’t killed me yet. Though if Swish carries on tidying I might think a little differently. He organised the spices into a series running from Italian through to curry, god help me if I put one back in the wrong place.

And last in my attempt to paint a detailed picture of my week with a very large roller brush comes the news that the Kelly Osbourne album is not as good as I expected it to be. It is entirely written and played by Linda Perry, her of 4nonblondes fame. Theres a terrible song about date rape and none of it lives up to the pure frenchectro (my new word for French-electro) that was the single. The Viva Voce album is pretty lame too, and I’ve listened to the Coldplay album twice on the tube so far and decided that the noisy underground isn’t the best environment for it. The Art Brut album is still amazing, and the prospect of lots of brut gigs coming up in the next few weeks makes me very happy indeed.


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