Big Yellow Tutu

June 3, 2005

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It has been an absolute age since I last updated this. Not only do I not have internet access at home anymore but having a job also means I can no longer lounge about my flat drinking gin, staring at LJ and eating tonnes of porridge.

I think we’re finally getting the internet in the church I think. Though it takes weeks of bartering with various net companies to sort anything out. So for now I’m staying late at work to update, such is my diligence.

The church is awesome, I love living there. So far no ghosts, though Tuesday of last week I could barely sleep through fear of being stalked through the night by ghouls and ghastlies. So far we’ve spent the last week or so drinking tonnes of juice and eating our weight in deli food. If I see another sun dried tomato I might cry.

Gig wise I’ve been pretty lame, having to actually concentrate on uni work for a while. I went to go and see Dustins Bar Mitzvah last week but it was too hot and too noisy so went home. Am getting older by a decade every minute it seems.

Last night featured another failed attempt to see some good bands. We went along to Stylish Riots at the Rhythm Factory to see Metro Riots, Dogs and Komakino and ended up seeing a sum total of zilch bands. We instead sat in the bar and became shocked by the amount of familiar faces there. It was very odd. It seemed that everyone I’ve ever met in the gig world was there. I’m a little upset about not seeing Komakino, but my old lady ways meant that their post-midnight appearance was scorned in favour of bed.

Tonight the gig whoring continues, uni is over and I;ve just found out I’ll get a full pay cheque in 2 weeks. So bring on the Clor. Bring on the gin.

MTV is going very well. We have meetings where we eat sandwiches and watch new videos. Its tough. So far I have seen wandering about: Tim Kash, QoN and Tom Paddington (in the street outside). It turns out Justin Timberlake will not be living under my desk licking my toes and Zane Lowe doesn’t hold my computer screen for me. Disappointing.

I’m going to update more on Monday night cos im very hungry and everyone else has left the office now.


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