Big Yellow Tutu

May 20, 2005

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This morning I am trying to get life admin stuff out the way before 1 o clock, in theory leaving me the afternoon to knuckle down and get some work done.

This morning I have

1. sent off contracts to work
2. talked to the world’s most simple estate agent three times about moving house on Monday
3. washed up
4. sent off lost post form
5. tidied room
6. talked to other stupid estate agents about people viewing our flat
7. transferred all new songs to iPod
8. wrote and planned all money stuff over the next month (it doesn’t look good)
9. worked out what meals I make from remains of cupboard fridge and freezer (again – doesn’t look good)
10. moisturised entire body

hurrah. Feel a little bit more calm now.

Recording at Maida Vale was hard work. We weren’t in the main studio, simply because it is absolutely giant. We had to record 8 tracks in total but the first one we chose to do is a fairly new piece, I don’t think we’ve played it more than twice. It took forever to get right, especially as the technicians and producer man spent ages messing about with microphones. We had the studio booked until midnight, but with Star Wars starting at half 12 an hours tube journey away I was watching the clock the whole time. It didn’t look good for the first hour tracks, with the trombone section messing up nearly every cue. I thought we’d never leave on time.

Somehow it all worked out and we were out by half ten. It was the same studio that Bing Crosby recorded his last ever session in and PJ Harvey (as well the Beatles and I’m sure thousands more) had recorded there too. Its horrid though, being quite far underground its really hot and decorated in very bad green curtains.

The recording was for Radio 2’s ‘Listen to the band’ program. I don’t know when it’ll be aired but I know you’re all dying to hear it so I’ll let you know nearer the time.

1. Clog Dance (its from a ballet and apparently quite famous)
2. Boogie Express
3. Imagination ( a sax solo)
4. Anything goes (the one from the beginning of Indiana Jones)
5. What are you doing the rest of your life?
6. Trafalgar
7. Through Bolts and Bars
8. and one more I really can’t remember but I’m sure it was ace.

Star Wars was brilliant, though as expected it did feel like a bit of a checklist run through. The battle scenes, though fun, were a little pointless as you knew who’d win. But I guess they couldn’t just skip them out, then there’d be no film left.

Natalie Portman looks strangely unattractive in it, like a 14 year old girl with hair frizz problems. Hayden Christensan looks lush though, possibly better then Ewan McGregor.

I wore my Star Wars t-shirt and some even dressed up in costumes. Mr Swish turned up a little worse for wear having been to see Objects beforehand. Cue him driving me mad through the ads – “is this spiderman, is this spiderman, is this batman, is this batman, whats that, can I take my shoes off, I don’t like all these people being here, its too loud, whats this holder for, where can I put my jacket, I don’t want to sit next to a stranger, is this star wars, I like h g wells, is this spiderman, whos that, will it get quieter, why are they clapping, where are the dogs…”. Going to the cinema with him is not easy.

With only 80p left in my account for the next 7 days I am staying in all weekend and doing coursework. Its not particularly glamourous but uni finishes next week and I have a lot of work to do. Well, only about 5000 words, but it feels like a lot.


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