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May 17, 2005

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After 5 days of hiding my other bit of news I can finally announce to the world about my new flat.

Next Monday I move from slightly mouldy, very cold, very small flat into luxurious uber-pad. A converted chapel with the nicest kitchen ever. It even has an ironing board cleverly disguised as a drawer. Genius.

Moving in with Swish and so am a strange mixture of absolutely terrified but also quite excited – I know he doesn’t snore and he doesn’t think that pies in a tin every day constitute a healthy diet.

Moving house has left me absolutely skint. I have two deposits out at the same time on current flat and new flat. Its horrible. At least I know it won’t be for more than 6 weeks and then hopefully I will have been paid by sparkly new job. But for the time being I am living on couscous and lentils. Though I may branch out into pasta tonight.

Because it was free and near my house I went to see Twisted Charm at 93 Feet East last night. I feigned excitement, to begin with it seemed I was the only one who didn’t already love them (just like arctic monkeys all over again then). It turned out I wasn’t the only one living in a Twisted Charm free zone – there were only 35 people there including us (I counted). It was supposed to be the single launch party for CJags, whoever they are I feel sorry for them, with an audience that small I don’t think they should get their hopes up for a Popworld performance.

Twisted Charm turned out to be ace. Loads of energy and enthusiasm despite the school class sized audience. Everyone loved the saxophonist – how come clarinettists not get that kind of adoration? Their female bassist was a sight to behold, not only did she have the best hair ever but also the most amazing breasts. Candy and I got somewhat drawn in by them. I hope they’re real.

Broken girl was their best track and you can download it here…

I should be at Koko watching my favourite troupe Art Brut but with lack of pennies to rub together I am at home doing some coursework. Probably I wise idea but I’m still sad about it. No art brut or art goblins or even Fallingovers related fun until glasto now. Coupled with this and the news about Kylie the corners of my lips are drooping somewhat.

But new flat and new job highs put on their boxing gloves and punch those feelings of melancholy right out the window.


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