Big Yellow Tutu

May 10, 2005

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I haven’t updated in a week! A whole week! I am so lazy.

I’ve been feeling fairly unmotivated – I got turned down by Emap for a job after the interview last week. I put tonnes of effort into that interview too. Grr…

Had an interview yesterday, am keeping my fingers crossed but applying for nearly 40 jobs has the tendency to dull the happiness in my heart a little.

I am however excited about Star Wars so so much. Its going to be amazing.

Richard Madeley is talking about how much he enjoys sex. I think I may try and steal him from Judy. If only he liked Tatu more.

Thursday was far too full of booze to be healthy. All my marketing student friends handed their dissertations in that day, and it was also our last marketing lecture (well it would have been if we turned up). At one o clock we headed to the pub and after many vodkas, some champagne, some cocktails and then some more vodka I was a little worse for wear. Stumbling home via Noodle King, making a fool of myself in front of my flat mates and then passing out on my bed was never part of my plan. If only I had a little dignity.

On Sunday we headed over to Cargo for the alldayer event there. It was a sunglasses themed gig, giving mr swish the opportunity to permanently glue his new eyewear to his pretty face. The line-up was a bit of a mess with loads of bands turning up late (the rocks), some not turning up at all (VV&Vs and Les Incompetents) and some being promoted (chineapples).

First up were whiskey cats. A bit too many trumpets and not enough screaming or guitars for my liking. But they were quite cute.

Komakino were next and A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I was so impressed. I’d been advised to go and see them at the Camden Crawl a few months back but didn’t make it to their venue. The lead singer is incredibly sexy, simply the best hair ever. Very skinny too. They really didn’t need to apologise for being tired after playing Liverpool the night before – we would never have noticed.

Chineapples were doing a semi acoustic gig, complete with new beautifully shirted drummer. They pulled it off really well, I was worried it would be a disaster. I really like Douglas’ new hair too – all slicked back and Baywatch chic.

The Rocks sounded a bit bored to begin with, but soon picked up and played to the kind of standard I’d expected from them. James jumped about in sunglasses, promising then forgetting to crowd surf and getting tonnes of adoring stares from all the thousands of young girls at the front of the stage.

I got terribly excited at this point by the arrival of Amy Winehouse. She’s tiny! Possibly even smaller than me. Mr Swish asked for a photo of her shoes for me and she asked him to find somewhere more quiet with her! The hussy.

I don’t think I saw any other bands after this – missing most of Dustin’s Bar Mitzvah to try (and fail) to buy Square Pies. Missing all of Metro Riots to eat falafels and get shouted at by moody waitresses who refuse to let anyone order just pork on sticks without ordering a side of sweet potato chips.

I was sober, swish was drunk and after a bit of hanging about outside trying to stay warm we called it a day. Missing Yeti, New Rhodes and The Rifles. Silly maybe but sometimes we can be a little reckless.

Today I got shown around a couple of flats by a crazy estate agent who didn’t seem like she wanted to let me a flat. The opposite of most estate agents I’ve encountered in the past who tried to push contracts down my throat on viewing the first flat. Very odd indeed.


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