Big Yellow Tutu

April 8, 2005

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After the sensory explosion that was The Arctic Monkeys last night’s gig at The Rhythm Factory washed over me a little. We missed the first band, and I’m a little unsure who the second band were. They were verging on the shoddy though, another dull Kings of Leon-esque troupe. Their satin shirts inspired Jack and I to throw lemon sherberts and fag packets at them. Not that it had much effect, his aim was pretty rubbish and they never even noticed. Probably just as well, throwing stuff at bands is not a nice thing to do.

Next up were B-Plan, whose lead singer is Baco from Dustin’s Bar Mitzvah. Our less Dustins loving friend Chad, unaware of the connection between the two bands, said ‘he sounds a bit like that bloke from Dustins’. They did have that slurred speech, rabbit in headlights look that’s synonymous with the Bar Mitzvah. I was pleasantly surprised by how good they were, most side projects are usually the rockier, less mainstream version of the original band but not B Plan. Sweeping, anthemic songs caught me unawares. Baco has a really great voice, equally capable of being deep and powerful as well as piercingly high and angelic.

Chineapples were meant to be next but unfortunately Charlie, their guitarist is ill so they had to drop out. A real shame, I was gutted.

My heart sank eve lower when Les Incompetents started and I remember how much I didn’t like them. Apparently they don’t sound at all ska like but to my untrained ear I think they do. Theres hundreds of them too, well 6 in truth, but it seems like a lot. Their lead singer is quite nice looking though and had nice braces on.

We didn’t hang around for Young Knives and instead did the walk home through brick lane being accosted en route with offers of curry. Tempting at 11pm, but probably not a terrifically good idea.

We’re off to see Ludes, Noisettes, The Rocks, Vincent Vincent & The Villians (finally!!!) at some not-very-secret-at-all secret warehouse gig thing in Elephant & Castle tonight. At least I think its in a warehouse. Im not sure really, I saw a listing for it about 3 weeks ago and at the time signed up and thought nothing more of it. Now the day of the actual gig has arrived I’ve realised I know nowt about it. I’ve never been to a secret gig before. Even though its hardly secret I’m a little excited. Gonna dance loads.

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Tomorrow means work. Bluergh. And Art Goblins. Woooh! Then Frog. Woooh!

Ps. I started a moblog. It only has three pics but I shall put more on. I left it open so anyone can send photos. if you fancy it then email pix from your phone to and they go up automatically. Genius.


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