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April 6, 2005

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Oh wow oh wow oh wow.

The Arctic Monkeys are incredible. NME described them a few weeks ago as “nothing less than stars in waiting” and they’re not wrong. They make me hate McFly, they’re that good (btw Hollyoaks opened today with McFly).

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Arctic Monkeys are a crew of young 18 and 19 year old Sheffield lads and the lead singer Alex Turner has really good arms. Very muscley, tanned too. Yum yum. They have lots of songs about dancing, one about trying to get a taxi when drunk,and also one about pimps and hookers. They are not just lyrically superb but absolutely astounding sound wise.

They packed out the Dublin Castle with super fans. I felt a bit out of the loop being the only one who didn’t know the words and the only sober one (had a job interview today). Mr Swish was ridiculously drunk, telling the welsh homeless guy on the tube that “he hated seeing colin murray do this”. There was so much singing and tonnes of dancing and even *shock horror* moshing. There was even a mid set stage invasion, something you don’t see too often. To keep tradition up there was another at the end but here are some pics of the middle one.

Image hosted by

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A casus bellum on the way home and some sore heads in the morning followed all the monkeys adoration. Feeling smug and not hungover in the morning I ate thai curry for breakfast and headed over the interview. Found out that my typing speed is 48 wpm and discovered that urban outfitters is possibly the best shop in the world. I am in love. One shop that sells ace pants, great candlesticks and pretty bags. Heaven.

Mr swish put some Artic Monkeys tracks on his site for downloading.
Go and download them now and get over McFly with me. Follow the link through to the new demos too, theres 10 tracks on there, including the brilliant ‘Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor’.

ps. tony blair has really great skin.


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