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April 4, 2005

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A little a-z of my weekend.

A – avoiding the work xmas (!) party
B – bean burgers. The wimpy one is amazing. Brown bread too.
C – cruise liners – played a concert for a departing one on sunday
D – dustins bar mitzah – ace as usual
E – everton losing = pissed off boyfriend
F – frog. Boring this week. Weird.
G – Glastonbury tickets – got one!!!
H – homemade curry
I – Imbruglia. Being forced to listen to it at work. She loves Daniel Johns lots apparently.
J – Jack being very drunk and offering mr swish sex.
K – Kylie. Seeing her at Glasto makes me very excited.
L – Lucy. Still my favourite Dustin’s song.
M – millions of jobs applied for.
N – nursing hangover on Friday and Sunday. liver failure imminent.
O – overly shocked on finding out the pope wore white dr martens.
P – punching steve in the jaw for the steal Helens wallet conspiracy
Q – queens of drama wearing sunglasses all night at frog. Twats.
R – reviews of gigs. Too many to write. Too many that I can’t remember being at.
S – sunshine. Or rather lack of being stuck doing silly concert on Sunday.
T – take-away curry.
U – upsetting lack of friends able to get glasto tix.
V – visions of impending unemployment.
W – work. Ugh.
X – x-rated exposures avoided when mr swish tried repeatedly to undo my tops zipper at frog
Y – yellow eyes. Surely the start of jaundis.
Z – zzzzz’s in front of the tv on sunday


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