Big Yellow Tutu

April 4, 2005

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I know I have already written one post on how Brick Lane is an assault on the senses, but here’s another, and it certainly won’t be my last – there is simply so much going on in this East End street to pass by without comment.

The early morning is my favourite time to walk down Brick Lane, its surreally quiet; the curry houses are all closed, no one wants tikka masala at ten in the morning; the retro fashion boutiques are all shut, the media kids don’t surface until at least midday; the leather wholesalers are presumably out killing cows. Bucking the trend, the best shop in Brick Lane was open – a tiny fabric wholesaler. The premises can’t be more than 8 foot wide and about 20 foot deep. It is stacked full of rolls and rolls of fabric, leaving a walkway through the center of the shop just large enough for a pie avoiding consumer. Amongst the plethora of colours and textures sits a tiny old man, dressed usually in grey or black just waiting for a customer. I like how he only ever dresses in monochrome, maybe staring at all the bright colours all day has put him off the rainbow forever.

A little further up, I got stopped on my travels by this:

Image hosted by

It was being pulled along the street in the rain towards the Truman Brewery. Those of you with keener eyes can see it is made entirely out of Red Bull cans, presumably something to do with this.

On a similar art/consumer goods crossover tip is the shop unit that has been rented out by a group of artists for use as exhibition space. Since the start of February passers by can gaze upon the works of two or three artists each displayed in the shop itself. The doors are locked, so you can only peer through the window. Last month featured a lamp and an illuminated white, lacy girl’s dress; this month a house of (post)cards, a bike and a picture of a girl in a cowboy hat. I’m sure each has a meaning past just being a bike or a photo, but it was raining too hard for me to stop and think about it.

Image hosted by

Later in the day I shall report back on the weekend’s events but for now I leave you with the haircut we all want.


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