Big Yellow Tutu

March 24, 2005

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There are days when I wonder how the entire country manages to work at all. How we manage to live our day to day lives in relative harmony. How we all travel around and communicate with each other fairly simply. It’s a miracle really when there are such idiots in the world.

I ordered a text book on the internet which was due to arrive before Christmas. One morning I got one of those “you were out” notices left by the post men and so trekked on foot to my local post office. I queued for ages only to be told that although I had waited the required 72 hours before collecting my post it hadn’t arrived at the sorting office yet. “come back at the end of the week” barked the man behind the counter. Ok. Obediently I went back at the end of the week. “still not here love”. Apparently a week and a half was not long enough time to drive a parcel half a mile up the road. They took my number and told me they’d call me when it arrived. A week later – nothing. Went to the sorting office again, getting soaked in the rain on the way. Still nothing, and it had now taken so long it was officially lost.

So back home I trekked, lost post claim form in hand. Got all the thousands of details they wanted for the form (time of posting, weight, blood group, colour of socks wearing today…). I handed it in at my local post office where the girl behind the counter took it, looked at me and said “what is it?”. Shocked, I explained what it was and that apparently they had to send it off. She just agreed and put it on a shelf, clearly having no idea what to do with my form.

Two and a half months have passed since all this, I’ve been going to my local post office every week and asking whats happened to it. The first time I went in and asked how long it took for a response from the claims department, the girl asked me how long ago I submitted it, two to three weeks ago I answered. Well it takes about two to three weeks then, was her useful reply. Right…

Every time I went along, they told me it takes ages for the forms to come back. At the end of my tether this morning I asked for the post office customer support phone number. Got put straight through to a really charming man who told me my post office hadn’t even sent the form off yet! He gave me their direct address and told me it will take 5 days to hear from them.

I still had to go back to the post office to get another form though. I asked for one form and an envelope. The girl replied “you know we can send these off for free here?”. My opportunity to yell “I did that almost 3 months ago, never heard anything back, just phoned the head office who said you never bothered to post it”. The response I got: a grunt from a curled up indignant face and then the back of her head as she turned and walked away. I guess an apology would be too much to ask.

Even at my shitty Saturday job I get yelled at if I say cheers rather than thank you. Where are manners? How do these people get employed anywhere? How can they lose my post and then manage to lose the claim form for the lost post too? All the postal system does is move things from one place to another – how hard can that be?

My anger is coupled with the fact that the builder who made me spend all day waiting for him to arrive yesterday called at 9pm last night to tell me he “forgot” to come and fix our bathroom. Why does everyone have to be so inept? All I ask for is a little efficiency. I may go and live in Germany.


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