Big Yellow Tutu

March 23, 2005

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Really? Why does this kind of thing have to happen? The week I decide not go to to frog and who should turn up but ALL OF MCFLY!!! I love McFly and not just in an omg harry is da sex kinda way. Room on the 3rd floor is a really great album, with Saturday Night probably being my favourite track. I can’t believe they were there. I could have got a photo of their shoes, had sex with harry (and maybe danny at the same time) in the toilets. Though getting them past that grumpy lady who works in the girls loos might have been a bit of a mission. Harry doesn’t need Lindsay lohan, ok so im not rich, my boobs are considerably smaller, and I can’t act as the opportunity for McFly breaking America but I can cook and currently have clean sheets on my bed. Clean sheets that smell nice too (I bought some of those comfort pearl fabric conditioner things). I bet lohan’s sheets smell of parmesan or something as equally unsavoury.

To rid myself of envy, regret and jealousy I am going to make a mcfly & busted b sides collection for one of my friends in Chichester for when I go back home on Saturday.

The track listing is so far as follows:

1. Help
2. Obviously (acoustic)
3. Get Over You
4. She Loves You
5. You’ve Got A Friend
6. All About You (not a b side at all but nevermind)
7. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
8. Deck The Halls

1. Mummy Trade
2. Peaches
3. Let It Go
4. Fun Fun Fun
5. Late Night Sauna
6. Year 3000 (acoustic)
7. Brown Eyed Girl
8. Where Is The Love?
9. Fall At Her Feet
10. Build Me Up Buttercup
11. That’s Entertainment
12. Mrs Robinson

I’m not going to put them in that order though of course. When you have a look through and think “surely they couldn’t have covered XXXXX – it must just be the same title”, they did indeed cover it. Where Is The Love is hilarious. Busted rapping.

If anyone wants a copy and is going to either the windmill or infinity this week just shout, ill make you one. It will change your life.

Well, so much for making my blog more serious and less fan girl.


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