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March 23, 2005

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My brief sabbatical to reassess blog life is finally over. It lasted a total of 36 hours. I promised a revolutionary change but instead I’m just going to make some small changes – less stories of how hungover I am, less stories of my dinner plans and instead more topical news – bands, current affairs and just world events in general. I’d like to give a giant thank you to those who commented and emailed me to tell me to keep my blog going – it seems a bit of reassurance was all I needed to keep going.

Right here goes…

I work for MVC, a big-ish chain of CD and DVD stores. It’s only a Saturday job, but it just about covers my rent, which is all that counts. Yesterday I got a phone call informing me of urgent meeting to be held this morning at 9. I had a couple of guesses as to what it was about – either store closure or the firing of our current manager. I was wrong on both counts. MVC is owned by Woolworths, and in an effort to boost their profits and cut losses they’ve decided to sell the chain. Theyre closing the 14 highest loss making stores and selling the rest. If noone puts a bid in by the end of May then all the MVCs will close down for good. In retrospect I should have seen it coming, Woolworths has had weak profits for a while now, with their Christmas performance weaker than ever. Apax have also been making moves to take over Woolies, so I’m guessing that the loss of MVC was part of their leverage in the deal.

My guesses as to the future of MVC are that we will either get taken over by HMV or Virgin, maybe even Fopp if they have the capital. Blockbuster is another guess. The selling of MVC has pushed up the share value of Woolies, so when they sell to Apax they can charge a higher price. They announce their decision as to whether to concede to Apax, on the 6th of May, about the same time as the deadline for the sale of MVC coincidentally.

I graduate on June so, rather selfishly, as I planned to leave in June anyway, I’m not overly concerned. Its going to be interesting to follow though, and shall try and keep up to date with it all.

On a gig note, I’ve been a good girl and not gone out since last Thursday, too much dissertation work still to do. I’m going out tomorrow but it proved a problem – just too many gigs to choose between – Be Your Own Pet, Test-icicles, Semi-Finalists and Annie DJing over at Infiinity. Eastern Lane, Vincent Vincent and the Villians, Crash Convention and Twisted Charm at the Elbow Rooms. Or The Fades at 93 Feet East. It looks like I’m headed over to Infinity, I really want to see BYOP, and Infinity is being knocked down in the next couple of weeks – so it will be a farewell gig for me.

Friday brings another decision – Ciccone and The Pipettes at the Windmill or The Long Blondes at the Pleasure Unit. The Windmill has a BBQ and two bands that I am desperate to see – I love Ciccone and am so frustrated at not having seen them yet. But it is all the way over in Brixton and the Pleasure Unit is such short walk from my house. I am really lazy at heart.


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