Big Yellow Tutu

March 21, 2005

Filed under: Uncategorized — helenium @ 5:52 pm

Ok. So that last post was both pointless and hypocritical. I can’t write an entry in live journal about hating live journal entries. It just doesn’t make sense.

Instead I am going to leave today’s entries on a constructive note. I am going to think of a way to make this lj more exciting. Themed perhaps. Everything needs to fill a niche. I want to confine myself to one subject area. It’ll probably be music based, I’d like it to be gig reviews but that’s not really a niche and mr swish does it well enough anyways. I want it to be interesting and funny, and something that’s possibly even enlightening to read. I’m going to think very hard about it and come up with something revolutionary by bedtime. I hope.

Watch this space. /users/helenium is a changing…


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