Big Yellow Tutu

March 16, 2005

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I just read a list of blog cliches which included writing about your press coverage in your blog. But it was a naïve list and I plan to ignore it to shout – “POPSTAR FEETS IS IN NME”!!!!! Page 27. its terribly exciting. I will frame it I think.

I got an email from Warner telling me I didn’t meet their criteria closely enough for their graduate recruitment scheme but I don’t really mind. I’m in too much of a good mood to be bitter about it. I’m disappointed but taking it in my stride. Things seem to be looking up at the moment. Ok, so in 4 months time I’ll have no flat and no job but I plan get headhunted for my £100,000 a year job by then. I’ve applied for 3 more jobs, all that start at £15,000 but surely they’ve missed a zero somewhere?

It was so sunny this morning that I opened my balcony doors, put one of the kitchen chairs in front of it, put my sunglasses on and tried to catch up with all the reviews I’m supposed to have written. 1 down, 2 to go. Didn’t get much of a tan whilst doing it though, but surely if I sit and work on the balcony every day til graduation I’ll eventually be a bronzed goddess.

Last night chris and I went along to artrocker to see The Violets and Flash Express. We usually meet at mine before hand and head over at about half 8 but this week started at Whetherspoons instead. It wasn’t a good idea, I drank a little too much, inevitable really when stuck in ‘spoons. I was reviewing Flash Express and supposed to be meeting their PR who was treating me to a night of free drinks, but alas, I couldn’t find her. Probably a good thing in retrospect, any more vodka and I probably couldn’t have managed the stairs out the venue.

My review of the evening was better than I expected, I think I’m finally learning how to write a decent review. It started with a paragraph trying to fool readers into thinking that Artrocker was a weekly secret orgy party. If only.

Tonight I’m going to see Ciccone and The Swear at the Rhythm Factory. I’m a little sleepy though. I can feel myself nodding off already and its not even 8 o clock.


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