Big Yellow Tutu

March 14, 2005

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Well it turned out Buckingham palace wasn’t a complete disaster, it all went nearly smoothly. A bit too much hanging around in the cold for my liking. The best part of the morning was when we had to march from the army barracks over to the palace before the ceremony began. We weren’t playing, just marching, but encountered a few problems along the way. Real trigger happy stuff. We march in 8 rows of 4 men across and en route we had to get between two trees, with the outside two rows trying to duck under the tree and march at the same time. After that we went from bad to worse. With no police escort to get across the road in front of the palace we had to march up to the pedestrian crossing, halt, press the button, do a two beat drum roll and then cross, marching again, when it turned green. Felt so silly.

It got even weirder when we were stood in front of their giant video screen that was showing the lowdown on the new commonwealth games baton. It was all I could do not to laugh – it looks like a vibrator! Two toys, one baton. Who can guess which?

How did anyone approve that design? Really? If it wasn’t for it being about 4 foot long, you could really mistake it for being sponsored by anne summers. Maybe the queen likes it. Shes only about 3 foot tall and prince phillip is about 10 foot high, I imagine she doesn’t get much fun from him.

A had a bit of a revelation on my journey home last night – I’ve developed London Pace. After 3 years of living in the capital it was probably inevitable but it shocked me all the same. As I got off the tube onto the platform at Liverpool Street under my breath I cursed the woman dawdling in front of me, then as I climbed the stairs out into the main station area I realised I was about 20 paces ahead of most people from the tube I’d just left. I’m not a woman of great physical stature by any stretch of the imagination; my strides match those of a small 3 year old. But my determination to get out the station was massive. It wasn’t a conscious decision, I was in no particular hurry to get home, its just that now I seem to feel the need to walk faster everywhere. Very odd.


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