Big Yellow Tutu

March 11, 2005

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When they made the lastest ipod they thought – shit, how can we market something with no screen and no function for playing whole albums? We’ll call it the shuffle and fool people into thinking its flaw is its selling point. The team behind the Camden Crawl clearly had the same idea. On first glances I thought – yeah, loads of different bands at loads of different venues is a great idea. In practice the mission of walking about Camden when maddenly drunk trying to work out where I was going isn’t such a fun thing.

We started off on the wrong foot by having no idea where to pick up wristbands from and rushing to catch art brut, making it by the skin of our teeth. They played a great set over at Dingwalls – sorry – Lock 17. Plagued by mic problems that were soon fixed with a bit of gaffa tape by sound engineer extraordinaire ed rock n roll idiot. Oh, the glamour and genius of it all. A hip flask of vodka was duly smuggled into the venue and the already large vodka lemonades were topped up – not a great idea at 7pm with 8 hours of gig going ahead of us.

By the time we made it to Dublin Castle to see The Chalets I was a very merry Helen. I started on my shoes mission and got a photo of the Cribs. I also got the singer of the Departure and then deleted it from my camera by mistake. I am such a fool. I loved the Chalets, was going to get a photo of their shoes until I was duly reminded by mr swish that I already had them. The two front girls in the band were amazing, dressed in top hats, bow ties and white ruffles.

The Chalets far outshone the Cribs. They have a brothers in band creepy look that is only matched by Noise Next Door. We were stood right next to the speaker during their set, so maybe that cast them in an unfair dull light. I wasn’t really paying much attention to them either to be honest.

Huge decisions had to be made at this point – Le Tigre, Hope of the States’ acoustic set or Graham Coxon. I really wanted to see Le Tigre but at this point could have been convinced into anything. So off I trekked to see Hope of the States. Stopping en route to get a photo of Sam’s shoes.

The highlight of that stage of the evening was talking to Ed Harcourt for the second time in two weeks. He remembered who I was, and we spoke about spats, personally my favourite pre marriage proposal topic of conversation. I drunkenly told him I wasn’t going to see him play at Koko on Friday as I was going to see Charlie from Busted DJ. I’m so charming when I want to be.

We headed over to the Barfly after HOTS, to meet up with jackcandysteve. John Kennedy succeeded in playing the worst set ever. Libertines twice, Babyshambles once, Razorlight, Killers…boring boring boring top 40 stuff. We figured he must have been asked to play such a set. Actually – all the djs between bands were shocking, with Lostprophets being played a massive 3 times over the course of the night. Still, despite all this you could see me stood on a bench in the Barfly dancing my way through the night.

I think we got chucked out of the barfly, with the djs all being finished for the night. So we shimmied over to the Electric Ballroom. Had to suffer the end of Hot Chip’s set and stood about expecting something amazing to happen. Predictable but funny was seeing dave from dustins bar mitzvah passed out by the venue door. Even funnier was watching candy being a sweetheart and trying to nurse him back into consciousness. After about 10 minutes of her stroking his face, holding his hand and being all mumsy, he woke up, got up abruptly and walked off.

Made it home somehow, though failed to find an open kebab shop. When I woke this morning, my hand shook as I lifted a glass of orange juice to my mouth.

The crawl was overall an odd evening. I expected it to be legendary but I was somewhat underwhelmed by it all. Yes, there were 40 odd bands playing but as it was all spilt into just 4 time slots you could only see 4 bands play. It would surely have worked better as an all day Sunday event, with the amount of bands playing fringe events there were more than enough bands to cover it.

I think I need a few days recovery, so no frog tomorrow. No rhesus at the metro either. Apologies to jim, who I did promise I’d be there. Hoping that my liver and ears regrow by Sunday I’m thinking of heading over to Borderline to see the Noisettes.

After liver regrowth I shall crown next week the best week ever for so many hundreds of reasons. I am overworked and feeling the lack of hours in the day but I am so so happy at the moment. Playing Buck Palace is gonna be fun on Monday, but Tuesday is going to be officially the best day ever. Because POPSTAR FEETS IS GOING TO BE IN NME. I’ve known about it for a couple of weeks now, but didn’t want to say anything, knowing how often stuff gets bumped out of magazines due to lack of space and the like. I’m gonna frame it. Playing for the queen vs being in nme. I know which I see as more important.

Noone can break my mood this week. I’m feeling optimistic, relaxed and loving reading Pamela anderson’s novel.


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