Big Yellow Tutu

March 8, 2005

Filed under: Uncategorized — helenium @ 7:46 pm

Now i try not to be one of those people who post on their lj every 28 seconds with things like “oohhh…i might take my shoes off” then 28 secs later “aahhh…just took my shoes off”

i would really have liked to have waited until i had something really worthwhile and meaty to say but on watching the channel 4 news i saw three funny things that i knew i’d forget if i didnt write about it tonight.

the first thing was naked boobs. everyone loves naked boobs, especially at 7 in the evening.

next was a great quote: “i would not like to smear anyone in the health service”

then john curtin, with an oddly still dog on his lap: “i swear on this dogs death bed”. a bit late maybe me thinks.

Now i shall get back to reading Pamela Anderson’s novel – Star.


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