Big Yellow Tutu

March 4, 2005

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An uneventful few days since my last post.

Went along to the metro club to do my first ever gig review. Went on my own, leant on the wall, and posed with my notebook and pen. Lots of fun. The bands were surprisingly good, I was expecting the worst from what looked like a roll call of new wave emo teenage boy bands. Really liked Salvadore, who were admittedly the most indie. The band I was there to review, Adzuki, were pretty rubbish, in fact the worst of the four bands playing. Both Dopamine Theory and Brigade were great, not really the kind of thing I’d usually listen to, but I was impressed all the same.

I struggled on writing useful things about the bands for the review though. I’ve never really considered the idea of music journo, but seem to have fallen into it at the moment. It’s the imminency of graduation and the dole queue that’s pushing me towards it. I’m chasing the perfect cv with all my might. As I was stood there chewing on the end of my pen I realised that all the notes I’d written would only be suitable if I was writing for Smash Hits or maybe Bliss. I’d written daft things like “Salvadore – great hair & low jeans that reveal they have no pubes”, and “Dopamine Theory – singer looks like Borrell”. I tried to kick my ass into serious journo gear and not write silly witticisms about T shirts but it wasn’t easy.

Mr swish is still really flu ridden and so I’m steering clear of him for a couple of days. I don’t want avian flu. I’m braving seeing him to go Curzon cinema tonight for the artrocker film and the rocklands film about the paradise bar. Until certain people starting reading this blog I would have probably commented on how much I’m looking forward to gazing at the 15 foot projected image of eddie argos.


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