Big Yellow Tutu

March 1, 2005

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Id like to make this entry one huge apology.

Firstly for not having updated in a while.

A secondly for everyone I ever pissed off at a gig when I was 15.

The swish and I went to the pleasure unit to see Dustins Bar Mitzvah (I am not stalking them – I just like them) and the Mystery Jets. He and I are in our early 20s but about to hit our late 80s very soon – we left early because we couldn’t cope with the huge kid contingent there. It was full of 15 year olds and made me wonder how many people I pissed off at gigs when I was that age. They’d all somehow got served and were rowdy little tykes. The pleasure unit is not a big place by any stretch of the imagination, it’s a bit of an elbow barge at the best of times. But when theres 10 or so chavvy boys, who think Dookie is a classic masterpiece, slamming into each other in a whipped up faux rock craze, it doesn’t make for fun. I got to spend the evening squished up against peoples faces and shoulders at the same time as getting my feet trampled on and being fallen on every 15 seconds. Bring back Nambucca with its big tables and roast dinners. I’ve hit 21, I just want to stand still at gigs, maybe dance a little and then go home without bruises and a layer of teenage boy sweat stuck to me.

As for the bands playing, we only saw three – dustins bar mitzvah and two out of these three – Brinkman, New Rising Sun and The Flow. Not sure which two. The first guys were very young, reading their lyrics from a purple folder with biology written across the front. What they lacked in years they made up for with a surprisingly good set – all the school bands I remember from my gigs in village hall days only had 1, maybe 2, of their own songs and padded the rest of the set out with shitty punk covers. As far as I could tell these guys had not one cover in their set and also had really good hair.

The next guys up were plagued by really really awful sound quality. The guitars were way too loud, and all the high frequencies on the drums were up so high that you couldn’t hear the vocals at all. He might as well have been singing “kaarggh juurdl, liipsd, rweeg waanndel…” for all it was worth. They looked bored throughout the set but on a what they looked like note – the singer had the best shirt on I’d seen it ages – it had a huge collar that instead of buttoning at the corners had two massive buttons slap bang in the middle either side. It looked ace.

Dustin’s kept up their new found professionalism that we’ve seen from them over the last couple of gigs. They opened on To The Ramones, then did Lucy (fast becoming one of my favourite songs this year), then Goldhawk Rd – then shock horror! – 2 NEW SONGS!!! Theyre clearly working very hard at the moment and it’s paying off. Dave even looked as if he’d had some sleep – though after he admitted he hadn’t and had spent all day in the studio and was as tired as hell.

As for weekend news it was a huge gig free zone. The barfly was cancelled when about 20 minutes before we were due to leave I started vomiting everywhere. Mr swish made up for it by keeping me amused with drinking half a bottle of gin then dancing around my kitchen for me.

Saturday I somehow managed to not puke through 3 hours of concert rehearsals and then managed a 3 hour performance in the evening. It went well, pretty much sold out – I think the venue holds about 1500, so that was ace. We’re playing Buckingham Palace the Monday after next at 12:30 for the Commonwealth Games Torch handover ceremony. If none of you kids are working that morning you should all come along, if not I’m pretty sure its on TV. We’re also recording at Maida Vale in May, its all very exciting.

I’m trying to convince mr swish to come along to Black Wire tonight after he’s had his emo fag haircut. Which reminds me… I’m reviewing a band called Adzuki tomorrow – anyone know anything about them? My knowledge extends to the fact that they supported Fightstar.


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