Big Yellow Tutu

February 25, 2005

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I am useless at trying to work at the moment. I used to be very scholarly and would even re-write my lecture notes when I got home, but this year, the year it finally matters that I do some work, I’ve given up. Well, not really given up per se, I do want to work, I just would rather do anything else. I even cleaned the mould off the walls in my bathroom this afternoon rather than look at my dissertation.

Last night the swish and I went along to the basement at the buffalo bar. It was a very strange evening, completely different to artrocker. For starters, everyone there is on average about 8 years older and male. You get bombarded with promotional tat – stickers, postcards, flyers… and everyone leaves really early. It works on a rather daft system of you emailing before you go to reserve a ticket on the door then have to queue up in the freezing cold for three quarters of an hour outside.

It was snowing, and we got trapped between a man who was obsessed with his knee injury and a crazed Scottish girl who was obsessed with hard fi and who thought I was Swedish. The queuing made me really angry, I seriously could not feel my toes when we got inside, and the bouncer on the door had the cheek to say “im cold too love, don’t complain” – oh yeah, im sorry, youre standing in this nice warm doorway, dressed in a hat and big coat, knowing you would have to endure such weather and youre being paid for it. you’re also letting us all in really slowly for no apparent reason. Apologies for complaining.

The stupid queuing and having to talk about The Others whilst in the queue meant that we missed the first half of the set by Wild Boar, Ed Harcourt’s new band. Mr Swish was jubilant about this, but I will always stand up for Ed, I’ve liked him for years and think he’s ace. The new band is very heavy, not what I expected at all, but I liked it, the songs had great names:

‘Wild Boar Theme’
‘Satan Made Me Do It’
‘Baby Wants A Monster Truck’
‘No Time To Fuck’
‘Henry Rollins Neck Is Bigger Than His Head’
‘Im In Love With My Therapist’

Met Ed for shoe snapping and he was really really nice. Much shorter than I imagined but still lovely. Really polite. That’s how proper popstars should be – charming and patient. Take note Mr Tomlinson. Mr Swish has taken to wearing Tomlinson’s jumper all the time, he purloined it from Frog, I feel it’s a bit of revenge. I hope he’s got frostbite of the nipples without it.

The Noisettes were next up, and good, though we thought the set trailed off a little towards the end. They started off very shouty shouty and calmed down a bit after a few songs. I guess its pretty hard to maintain that level of grrr for a while.

The Young Knives flew past me too quickly. I really like them, and was disappointed they didn’t play Autobahn. I’m upset I can’t think of anything to write about them, because they do deserve praise, I just can’t think of any.

Hard-Fi were the “surprise, secret guests”. It was a bit like finding out that the girl who pulls your hair in the playground was coming to your birthday party. We left before them to avoid any hair pulling.

Tonight we’re off to Queens of Noize at the Barfly. We always end up horrendously drunk at these QoN nights, I blame the late start, it leaves you too much drink at home time. The Long Blondes and The Pipettes are playing, with The Kaiser Chiefs DJing. Should hopefully get some Kaiser shoes.

Before all that Mr Swish is meeting my dad for dinner tonight. He’s unnecessarily nervous. Its very cute. Maybe the rumours about my dad being a spy have got to him, he’s probably worried that he carries some uber weapon that would turn him to dust in a millisecond.


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