Big Yellow Tutu

February 23, 2005

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We skipped Vincent Vincent and the Villians at the Pleasure Unit, it was snowing like mad and though it is only a minute walk from my flat to the venue, staying in the flat with a bottle of wine seemed a much better idea.

Last night we saw Quit Your Day Job and Blood Arm at ‘trocker. The first were an all girl troupe with sparkly hot pants and huge dance routines. Blood Arm were three 60ish men with really long beards and mandolins.

I wish that were true, in all honesty we trekked all the way over to the buffalo bar, stayed for about 15 minutes, saw the first three songs by Quit Your Day Job and then left. We were both in really bad moods, with mr swish wishing he was watching the football and me just feeling tired and grumpy and panicking about the lack of hours in the day. I got a good pair of shoes for the site within about 5 mins of getting there and had thought blood arm were on first, on finding out they were headlining and not being arsed to wait, leaving early seemed like a good idea.

It did mean that I finally got a good nights sleep, not waking up until about 11 this morning. Woke to find I had left my electric blanket on all night so had the most warm bed ever this morning, really didn’t want to get up.

Saw this on the way home…

Looked incredibly space age. I think it’s a media type office, there were giant superman logos on the walls in the office. I was hoping they’d invented light up cones, but alas no, they’ve just been put over the lights that were set into the floor already.


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