Big Yellow Tutu

February 21, 2005

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So it just a sprinkling of snow but it is, all the same, snow. I took this half an hour ago in the park on whitechapel high street. By the time I’d got home pretty much all the snow has melted and we’re just left with lots of puddles. Walking down Brick Lane in the snow is a strange experience, its not often that you are swamped by the smell of curry and can also feel snow flakes on your face. It is perishingly freezing today, the kind of cold that makes your cheeks freeze.

Friday and Saturday flew past uneventfully, spending all day at work changing ‘brit award nominee’ stickers to ‘brit award winner’ stickers where appropriate. Challenging stuff.

Sunday was spent at Nambucca for another Tsunami gig. It started at 2 in the afternoon, a little early really I thought, but there were 15 or so bands playing. Of the list of 15 I can only remember a few – Dustin’s Bar Mitzvah, Metro Riots, Les Incompetents, Tigermoth, and The Fades. I’d never heard of most of the bands playing and with the exception of Les Incompetents, all the ones I had heard of I’d already seen..

With this being the case we found ourselves a nice big, round table in the corner by the bar and set about doing crosswords from the paper and eating roast dinners. I like gig venues where you can get roast dinners, good ones too, lots of gravy and good Yorkshire. The selection of crosswords came from the news of the world and the observer and of these three crosswords, the 5 of us couldn’t finish any of them. Not even the news of the world one. Dave from Dustin’s floated over a few times to ask us how crosswords worked, a question followed with a list of 3 ancient Greek cities. He’s a strange man.

I think most of the bands who played were half decent, I don’t remember any being laughably bad. Though none of the bands could be cackled at, the poet on the other hand was hilarious. He just spouted random words, with no apparent structure. We figured it was just his style and he meant it to sound like that until we spoke to him later in the evening and he spouted random words at us again. he could barely string a sentence together. I think the gig organisers must have failed to find a real poet and instead just picked up a madman from the street.

Metro Riots were really good, I was impressed, I’d never really paid attention to them before. So good I may even put the now infamous incident with their lead singer I had behind me. They are a really good band. We didn’t hang about after they played, and so missed The Fades and Les Incompetents.

Tonight is Vincent Vincent and the Villians over at the Pleasure Unit. Tomorrow is Blood Arm and Quit Your Day Job over at Artrocker. Wednesday is spent rehearsing for Saturday’s concert. Thursday is Wild Boar, The Noisettes and The Young Knives at The Basement. Friday is The Pipettes and The Long Blondes at Barfly. Saturday is my concert over in Croydon. I will be dead by Sunday at this rate.


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