Big Yellow Tutu

February 17, 2005

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Am I the only one who didn’t go and see Bloc Party? I’m just not that organised to get tickets in that 2 minute gap before they sold out. But pah! I had a brilliant evening at KoKo instead. But more about that late. Lets do things in time order…

Tuesday was Sam and Me, Rhesus and Art Brut at the 100 club. I’ve been spending the week in a level of near sobriety and it turns out its lots more fun than stumbling around in my usual stupor. So a mere 4 gins at the gig and I was very happy and even eloquent. Sam and me were folky and chipper, not really my cup of green tea but oh well. Rhesus were second on and so so so so good. But not as good as Art Brut who sounded better rehersed than I’ve ever heard them. Songs finished with the next one starting straight away with no mumblings in between and they sounded extremely tight as a band. It was a pleasure to behold. I guess that after all the weeks of seeing messy but lovely brut side project stuff that I’d kinda forgotten just how good they were. They did everything you’d expect – Formed a Band, Moving to La, Modern Art, My Little Brother, These Animal Menswear; but also some newies too, I think one was called Let’s Fight. Eddie didn’t strip off but they did close on their usual fun of everyone who played that night jumping on stage doing the “art brut – totp, rhesus – totp…” fun fun fun…

The gig was full of 14 year old kids. Hundreds of them, all getting served at the bar too. It was the first gig I’d been to in ages where there was proper slam slam moshing going on. They were very rude though, no manners whatsoever.

A day spent in bed was scuppered by a man with a leaf blower waking me up at 10. Bastard. Still angry I ate my weight in pizza hut and headed over to koko. Im bound to miss out a few names but bands playing were: metro riots, ludes, soho dolls, 10,000 things, client, crash convention and the rakes. The pipettes were supposed to open but instead we got treated to the Art Rocks – half the rocks, half art brut. James in a skirt too and oodles of eyeliner.

Did lots of backstage schmoozing and saw the lovely Katie who I used to work with, and who turns out to be the sister of one of Metro Riots. It seems everyone knows someone in that band. Of one the guys I work with knows the drummer, a girl on the bus knew one of them, it seems those boys get about a bit.

Saw lots of funny things. Jack throwing up in the toilets to be rudely interrupted mid vomit by one of the guys from the rakes. A man who may or may not have been zac from special needs, making a camera from three beer cans, a polystyrene cup, a lighter for a flash and some gaffa tape and then running about taking ‘photos’ of people. The strangest thing of the evening was the terrible compere. He was a drunkard mess, knew nothing about any of the bands playing and kept making loads of misogynistic jokes.

I got popstar feeted myself for the first time ever. Andrew Kendall took pictures of my shoes. Shame they were very very broken boots. On a similar note I have material to start a spin off site – Popstar Pants. I went to go and take a photo of the guys from 10,000 things. One of them said, “hang on, I know whats better than my shoes”. He then proceeded to undo the flies on his jeans. I was a little worried about what he was about to show me. It turns out he thankfully just wanted to show me his boxers which had a huge padlock over his groinal area.

I got home in the wee hours of the morning, and then slept until half one in the afternoon. Lovely. Im now watching Judge John Deed. I really fancy him. I know that some people may scorn me for that but I they should listen to his voice. Yum yum yum. Adam rickett’s on this episode too. Its odd to see him without the baby oil and dancing around in glass boxes.

I now have two night off without any gigs. Bliss. Am going to eat well, drink tonnes of water. Finally do some work on my dissertation, and relax. Im too old for all this rock n roll shenanigans.


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