Big Yellow Tutu

February 15, 2005

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A quick lj entry before my granny nap.

Im really excited about art brut and rhesus at the 100 club tonight. Though I feel a bit sick, my flat mate made really rich chocolate cookies and ive eaten way too many. She and her girlfriend have gone shopping for strap ons, so the flat is lovely and quiet, hence the nap plans. I am so much more rock n roll than them.

Tonight is going to be my first outing as newly instated uni paper journo. Plan to do a write up of the gig, which I guess means I should keep some level of sobriety. I don’t plan to be a music journo at all, but with only 4 months left of uni life and the prospect of the dole queue looking more and more imminent with every day I figured I should start doing some worthwhile cv type activities. “all more strings to your bow” as my mother would say. So anyway, I may go and buy a little light up journo pen and a note pad. I have to submit the review by Thursday morning which isn’t so great, im hoping something hugely dramatic happens on stage, like a naked mud wrestle between eddie and chinchilla.

Valentines day was lovely, saw lots of men carrying around huge bunches of flowers and lots of girls wearing pink. Myself included. Swish and I sat by the river and ate fish and chips to celebrate. Not your typical table for two, wine, dine gubbins but it was beautiful. So quiet and peaceful that we even saw a heron.

Something that isn’t peaceful and quiet but instead very noisy is the best military marching band in the uk . They are playing a very big concert in east croydon next week. It will be better than frog. Even if the rumours that Elvis playing do turn out to be true. A certain anonymous shoe girl will be there for your aural pleasure. Everyone must come along. You can dance. But fear not, if you can’t make it this time, they shall be playing in Westminster in the spring, spain in the summer and at various P&O cruises throughout the year. Unless they chuck the anonymous shoe girl out for never turning up to rehearsals, in which case, they are totally not worth seeing.


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