Big Yellow Tutu

February 11, 2005

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The Les Georges Leningrad gig was a weird experience. It was at a venue called The Speakerpalace in Hackney. I thought that was a bit weird to begin with, I lived in Hackney for 2 years and had never heard of anywhere called Speakerpalace. We found the right road easily enough but it was just a side street with railway arches one side and warehouses the other. Not really gig venue territory. We wandered up and down the cobbled street in the rain and amassed more lost people into our orienteering team. After mr swish saved a girl from believing the mechanics that the venue was in the back of their workshop, we found the place. Sign posted by just a bit of mdf with 14 written on it, it turned out to be one of those warehouse gigs you should probably tell your grand kids about.

It looked exactly how I imagined a warehouse gig to look, two giant parachutes made a celing, hundreds of redundant speakers covered the walls and the bonnet of a VW beetle with two harps sticking out of it marked the DJ booth (which by the way was graced by rory in a full sailors outfit!).

Drinks were scammingly expensive. £5 for a whiskey and coke? They had no licence, that meant that if they were buying bottles of whiskey at a tenner each, all they had to do was sell 2 and cover their costs. I had hoped it was some communist haven where I got get hammered on £2, but no, this clearly wasn’t a “music for all” warehouse, more of a “we knew we’d make more money out of doing it illegally” warehouse. Humph.

The first band on were so terrible. It was started off with the bad sign of watching the bar maid walk over and take to the mic. A tiny tiny girl, how yoou’d look at think ‘wow, she must do a lot of drugs’, a few warm up yoga moves more and she proved my snobbisms wrong. She caterwauled stuff about being a bitch whilst two guys with no rhythm crashed about behind her. They sounded like a divorce group meeting, all self pitying wailing and faux bitch tendencies.

Thank god for Comanechi. They were as brilliant as ever. I really love them. They did quite a long set, all the EP, plus a couple more. Akiko had as shiny hair as ever and they were luckily graced with the best sound system I’d heard in ages. You could ever word she sang in her pretty, angry 5 yr old girl way.

Les Georges Leningrad came on about half 12 ish, a bit too late for this old lady, I was already getting fidgety about wanting to leave. They were brilliant though, with one of them dressed in a full spiderman outfit. Not some slick lycra thing, more a shitty 80s cotton one, kinda like the pyjamas Elliott wears in ET.

Unlike Akiko’s excellent annunciation I couldn’t understand a word the les georges girl sang, but I don’t think you really need to, theres so much else going on that I think all you need is just the sound of squawks from the singer.

Tonight we’re going to see Dustin’s Bar Mitzvah for the 312th time. Listen out on the streets of Bethnal Green, you will probably hear some excellent renditions of Lucy at about midnight by mr swish and i. Oh, you lucky things.


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