Big Yellow Tutu

February 10, 2005

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I just had the most odd dream. It started by me having to get to a chineapples gig but when I got to my connecting train at the station there were about 2000 people in the queue for it. The ticket guy told me that it was because they were running a rail replacement service, and sure enough, as he said this a double decker bus, driving on the tracks themselves, pulled up at the platform. I didn’t want to get on the bus so managed to get a lift with Douglas from chineapples and his mum.

They disappeared really quickly when I got to this flat that was supposed to be my home. Somehow I’d bought a cockatoo and a goldfish on the way home but they kept dying. The goldfish lost all its fins on one side of its body and sank to the bottom of the tank and then an hour later just decided that it didn’t want to die and instead learnt how to swim with only one fin. Everyone kept sitting on the cockatoo so it soon became a pretty ropey cockatoo.

The strangest bit of the dream was that I was supposed to be dating simon, my flat mate, except we weren’t at all, he just kept telling me and everyone else that we were. But then a guy who everybody called Albert Hammond Jr walked into the lounge. It wasn’t the real albert, but instead some kind of indentikit strokes boy, kinda of a cross between Nick and Albert. Nicks face and alberts hair I guess. Even in the dream I felt we had a really strong connection, he sat next to me on the sofa and pulled a blanket up over us. Suddenly our faces were really close and while Simon wasn’t looking he kissed me. He left the room and this birthday card for me appeared on the table. Loads of people has signed it, including albert Hammond jr who worte that he was pleased he kissed me. Simon read it went mad and so I took my cockatoo and goldfish and went to live with albert.

So now i’ve woken up with the odd feeling that i am truly supposed to be with Mr Hammond Jr. Well, a more sexy version anyway.

Tonight I’m off to see les Georges Leningrad in Hackney and its going to be amazing, am very excited. Comanechi are in support too. Thanks to the lovely stu plimsoles I have a copy of their ep now and have not stopped listening to it all week. I’m amazed it survived a night at frog in my bag, what with all the rude women who kept elbowing and shoving to get past everyone.

So now I’m going to spend the day dancing around to the Comanechi ep and Sur Le Traces de Black Eskimo. Maybe even dancing in my strategic marketing lecture that starts in a couple of hours.


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