Big Yellow Tutu

February 8, 2005

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I love London. Today it smells of roast dinners everywhere. It’s also incredibly summery, the sun is out, I even got to take off my jacket on the walk home. I saw someone sun bathing in a park yesterday, amazing for February. I am going to open my balcony doors and sit in front of them and read my new book on the Japanese business environment.

My walk home was a sensory explosion, and not just because of the omnipresent roast dinner smells. I found a shop that sells both cider pork sausages and also sugar mice! Duly snapped both of those up. As I walked down one of the side streets I ran into a pancake tossing race for comic relief with people dressed in costumes running up and down the tiny cobbled street to thousands of cheers and much laughter. On turning the corner I saw what can only be described as a hybrid charabang – quad bike in neon yellow racing up Brick Lane. Madness. Its such a good day.

Mr swish has been kept on at his job and is interviewing Adam Green today. I might get a photo of his feet if im lucky. Which reminds me… apologies for having not put up any shoes recently. I am slacking. I know. But its not all my fault. I have been taking my camera to gigs, I just keep seeing all the same people. I’m going to try and get DFA 1979 tonight though.

Ah, I’m so happy today. I may even do some washing up. But for now there is some sitting in the sun to be done.


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