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February 6, 2005

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Ah, a fun weekend.

Friday was spent seeing wet dog, the long blondes and the violets. Who were all, without any exception, brilliant. One of the best things I saw all evening was the crazy country man on stage first (do i idea on his name) requesting that people put money into the cowboy hat he was passing around to pay for the rental of the drum kit for the long blondes, only to see him about half an hour later spill the entire contents of the hat on to the bar floor.

Yesterday was spent putting little “brit award nominee” stickers on cds. Lots of fun. I made a very pretty little display of all the nominated artists. I don’t mind the list this year. The best single this year and the best single ever are a bit odd though. Will Young – “Leave Right Now” is up for best single ever, or in the history of the brits or something. It’s a good song, I can’t deny that, but it doesn’t deserve to be in the top 5. especially as “Your Game” is so much better.

My guesses for this year

British Male Solo Artist – The Streets (
British Female Solo Artist – Jamelia
British Group – Franz Ferdinand
Biritsh Album – Keane
British Single – Band Aid 20
British Breakthrough Act – Keane
Biritsh Urban Act – The Streets
British Rock Act – Franz Ferdinand
British Live Act – Muse
Best Song – Joy Division
Pop Act – Girls Aloud
Intl Male – Usher
Intl Female – Kelis
Intl Group – Scissor Sisters
Intl Album – Killers
Intl Breakthrough – Maroon 5

Let’s see how many I get right. I’m usually rubbish at trying to guess this kind of thing. I’ll be lucky if I get 3 right.

After work Mr. swish let me beat him at pool I a pub with a haunted girls toilet and then met up with the birthday boy and his crew to head over to a curry house in e14 called The Gaylord. Fantastic name and mad staff. They wouldn’t let us eat until we’d finished every last crumb of poppadum and insisted on coming over and rearranging any cutlery that had been moved out of place on the table.

A frantic trek over to central London to battle the crowds on the street lead us into frog to battle yet more crowds. It was so packed. Really rude girls too who thought that elbows could replace manners when trying to get past someone. All these people just to see Maximo Park? Surely not. Mr swish and I did dance on a box to Maximo Park. Lots of fun.

The night was made up of almost exclusively people whose shoes I’ve photographed – eddie, keith, stu, ed, james and ian. Im having such problems with trying to find new people to take photos of. Quite a few gigs in the next week or so. And not art brut ones either. One of the funniest things I saw all evening was eddie spending about 20 minutes inspecting the floor of the bar. It turned out he’d lost his top of the pops badge. He looked so upset. It was however, recovered. Just as well, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone look quite so sad.

The antibiotics I’m on meant no booze all night. I made the bad decision of drinking red bull instead. 6 cans later and I was feeling less than peachy. I don’t think a small girl is supposed to drink that much sugar, caffeine and bull hormone. Christ knows how I slept.

right. series 2, episode 11 of the oc is calling me…


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