Big Yellow Tutu

February 4, 2005

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Happy birthday to popstar feets, happy birthday to popstar feets…

It is officially one month old today. It is also the same day that it breaks the 5000 visits ever mark. Wooh! I expect cake from someone. Or at least a candle. Or maybe just the much scouted for photo of cher’s shoes would do.

Today was spent firstly watching Pi, then watching Swept Away. A real definition of “from the sublime to the ridiculous”. Though in all honesty, I had more fun watching Pi. Swept Away was hilarious. How come she goes through him trying to rape her and then the VERY next scene she decides she loves him? its not like her accidently tripped her up when trying to climb the escalator on the tube. He tried to rape her! It just doesn’t seem right.

I live in such a pikey flat. First the shower didn’t work. Then the mould appeared. 4 months later and the lazy landlady still hasn’t done anything about it. And now we have a plumbing issue that makes the washing machine and kitchen sink all back up into the bath. Its not good. It smells so bad. It doesn’t help that the anti biotics im on are making me sick. I might puke over my balcony any minute.

Definitely off to wet dog, long blondes and the violets at catch 22 tonight. Possibly hell yeah too afterwards but the prospect of having to be at work at 9 tomorrow doesn’t make hell yeah such a good option. Especially as its olly the man mountains birthday tomorrow and much frolicking is going to happen. Probably frog happening.

So many gigs in the next few weeks. Im going to be so skint. They’re all the same bands too it seems. Art brut, the rocks, art brut, the rocks….

In other art brut news…. da-da-beep, da-da-beep… art brut 44 may have their first ever gig. Well maybe. There was an email sent out to the artbruisers looking for an art brut franchise to replace ciccone at a gig in march. Im thinking of volunteering our genius. Ok, so have never actually played a song, but we do have four titles. And its not for another 6 weeks. Surely that’s enough time to get good? We do after all have two guitars now. We’re probably going to open the set with “I think my dad might be a spy”, then follow with “vocoder”, maybe then slow things down with a bit of a classic “ I just coughed up cum” then end gloriously on “it was my idea”. But by then, who knows, we might have another song, possibly called “my chilli plant is dying and they wont let me drink whiskey”. Itll be amazing. Cher will be so jealous. Especially if eddie holds up his promise of dancing on stage for us.


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