Big Yellow Tutu

February 3, 2005

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Oh no. my mother has started reading this. Not good news. She’s already complained for the amount of swearing on it. I knew that giving her the web address of about would be a bad idea in the long run. I really didn’t expect her to click through my lj. So from now on expect less swearing, less talk of gin and less talk of going out so much. Which is weird really as she swears an awful lot and, being a lady of leisure, does spend a lot of her day with a glass of wine in her hand.

Yesterday restored my faith in human kind. I got a call in the morning from my student union saying that two people had called them with news about my lost bag and cards. A bit of phoning around and have now reclaimed my bag, cards, lip gloss, keys and wallet. Amazing. They’d been dumped in two different people’s gardens around the corner from the barfly. All I lost was my debit card and my staff discount card. I was tempted with a bit of thievery myself though. When I went to collect my bag the lady had two bags which had been dumped – mine and another really nice one. She said to me (rather dimly) “are these both yours?”. It was a great bag, I was so tempted to say yes and swipe it, but my morals kicked in.

Comanechi last night were superb. I really like them. I love her hair too. It brought a silly smile to my face when they did ‘my favourite shoes’. Ah, the song that started it all…

Gin Palace were as annoying as ever. Ill employ a little bit of diplomacy here, im sure the lead singer is a really nice girl but I want to smack her. She’s such an annoying front woman. It sounds horrid but I just cant get past it. I hate her pouty pouty, sing over the shoulder, 8 yr old girl act. I do like them as a band though, really tight. I did want her shoes as well, but left pretty early.

We skipped RTX. I think many of the middle aged media men there might have beaten us if they’d have known. It was 90% men there, very strange.

No gigs tonight, or tomorrow for that. Was thinking of selfish cunt over at the rhythm smactory but its sold out and I’d probably only manage a stutter if I had to ask martin for a photo of his shoes. He’s so scrumptious. Friday is the long blondes, the violets and wet dog. No idea where it is though. Bit of research is needed there.

The curry cooking quest is going well, can no make a half decent byriani, an alright balti and a very good sweet red pepper chicken curry thing. Tis lots of fun.

I had my first interview about Popstar Feets, if only I could frame web sites. Its going madly well still, its amazing people are so excited about it. I love it, but then it is my site, I should. If you want a peek at the interview it here …

i’ve been watching lots of place in the sun stylee programs. They always make me laugh, especially the ones where people go to set up businesses abroad. Every day they always have someone who starts their club/restaurant/gym/hairdressers and then suddenly realises that either shit – we don’t have a business licence, we speak no Spanish, we have no money or we don’t have the right visas. Now I know that just jumping ship and leaving for another country is probably great, but really – why do all these people keep pouring all their savings into these new enterprises and not put any research into it? Its akin to setting up a shop in your garden as a kid with your mums tins. Hilarious.


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