Big Yellow Tutu

February 2, 2005

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Ugh. Am so pissed off. Yesterday was not a good day. It started off badly by being told that I needed antibiotics and so cant drink for a week. So planned to start tomorrow (now being today of course) and indulged in some whiskey. We went to go and see The Rocks over at the Barfly, in favour of either Clor or YMSS. The gig was fun, though there was noone there, really empty. Well really empty aside from giant thieving crack whores. I got my fucking bag stolen in the bar downstairs.

Am so angry. Some girl nicked it from the seat next to me. Thankfully I decided to have a shoes free night so hadn’t taken my camera with me and my phone was in my pocket not the bag so all I lost was my wallet, keys and lip gloss. I am now absolutely house bound. I cant get keys cut as I need an electronic key to get into my building. Its such a pain in the ass. Cancelling cards, ordering new ones, all that kind of rubbish. Am most pissed off about having lost the really nice new lip gloss I bought and losing the beautiful bag. I bet that crack whore doesn’t appreciate its true beauty either. I also have to go wallet shopping now. I hate that. All wallets suck. Theyre either girly purses that wont carry cards or if you want something that does carry cards you have to get either some shit surf thing or some horrid office man wallet. Im dreading it.

Tonight is RTX, Comanechi and Gin Palace at 93 feet east which should be fun. Even if I will be on the lemonade. Oh well, at least if im off the booze ill be able to beat the crack whore into a pulp more efficiently.


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