Big Yellow Tutu

January 30, 2005

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Another hungover post gig lj entry then. Yesterday was split into three parts, with each part being more exciting than the last. From 9 til 6 was spent, amongst other tedious activities, peeling stickers off the new chemical brothers album.

It got better when I got to the barfly for the xfm john kennedy gig. I missed the bands that although I’d already seen I did want to see again – The Cherubs and Metro Riots. I got there in time for Maximo Park though but I’m still not entirely sure I like them. They don’t spark any kind of emotion in me – I don’t want to dance to them, they don’t make me happy, they don’t make me sad and yet they don’t make me bored. They did however make me sweat like a huge potbellied pig. The upstairs gig bit of the barfly must have been in the late 40’s in temperature. So boiling. The Queens of Noize girls had turned up with little Japanese stylee fans, very clever.

After Maximo Park were Dogs, Eastern Lane and Yourcodenameis:milo. All of whom I missed. But I’m not bothered. I know nothing of Dogs or Eastern Lane and don’t like ycnim much anyways. Most of the evening was spent watching mr swish stumble about in a huge drunken mess, handing parsley to 14 yr old girls and drinking a can of red bull, glass of whiskey, can of red bull, glass of whiskey, can of red bull…

Somehow we made it to frog. Queue jumping with guestlist too. Felt so Hollywood. Finally got to see Ludes and thank fuck we did. They were ace. This is a band that makes me happy and makes me want to dance. Same goes for mr swish too apparently who invented a new ‘slo mo creep walk with slo mo London arms’ dance whilst watching them. It has to be seen to be believed. I have photos of said dance, I shall post them tonight.

Man mountain olly and man boobs dave were there too with their very pretty new flatmate who’s name I can’t spell so wont even try but she’s lovely. Met the crazy doppelganger of james rocks again, Damien, he’s really nice but could barely walk. It seems he got drawn into the whiskey and coke for £2 deal too. I think he should go out and do scandalous things whilst pretending to be james. Start a bit of controversy. Maybe be caught giving sexual favours to the lead singer of keane whilst wearing a blonde wig. That might do it.

Took the really long night bus journey to mr swish’s all the way to wimbledon. It takes hours and also has the creepiest walk home ever. Real crimewatch reconstruction scene stuff – dual carriageways and forests. It’s a surefire combination for being mugged at 4 in the morning when drunk. We weren’t mugged, we made it home to eat cheese, watch porn then sleep.

Next week is going to be spent sleeping in every morning, listening to the piles of new music I’ve got and haven’t listened to and learning how to make curry from scratch. I figured that whilst living on brick lane I should really learn, theres so many amazing shops that sell all kinds of exotic vegetables that I cant even name yet alone work out how to cook. So far I can make saag aloo and chicken balti. I am armed with madhur jeffery’s cookbook and oodles of enthusiasm.

I can only remember what gigs I’m going to up until Wednesday of next week but they include either clor at ‘trocker or youthmovie soundtrack strategies at white heat. I think it might have to be Clor, missed them play yesterday and did see ymss supporting Fightstar a few months back. It also feels like weeks (well maybe 3) since I last went to ‘trocker. I miss it somewhat, especially the really heavy toilet doors that always surprise me. Wednesday is rtx, Comanechi and Gin Palace. I know nothing about rtx and the last time I saw Gin Palace they were terrible but I love comanechi so am happy girl.

Apologies for the lack of shoes on Popstar Feets over the last couple of days. I’ve been away from my computer for a few days but have a good collection of new shoes for next week so be sure to get excited. Have a camomile tea before you go to bed so you can still sleep tonight despite the excitement of it all.


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