Big Yellow Tutu

January 26, 2005

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An odd day yesterday spent learning about what animal intestines make the best violin strings and then going to a pub where for the first half hour a little old lady sat in the corner with a trumpet on her lap just singing to herself. This lady also seemed to know the girl in the opposite corner in the shortest skirt I have ever seen (bear in mind it was snowing) who was showing the entirety of her legs to the pub. We’re not just talking a bit of thigh but her whole leg. I’m not sure she was wearing any pants, we would have been able to see them if she were. It turned out there was a stand up comedy competition that night in the pub and these two were involved. The lady with the trumpet told us she didn’t play the trumpet herself but her pet penguin did. The girl with all the legs didn’t give any explanation about her capacity for cold resistance.

The evening didn’t get less surreal when we made it to the Metro club to see Maximo Park. It turned out we were the only people who had actually forked out the £6 for a ticket. It was full of industry bods, mostly middle aged men who were all at least 8 foot tall. I saw nothing of the band, nor did mr swish and he’s not a short man by any stretch of the imagination.

The first support were called Faulty Driver, at least that what we guessed. They were impressively good. A really long set too. There had been rumours that the next support was going to be Help She Can’t Swim but we weren’t so lucky and instead got lumbered with a post sex-op version of the delays. Nice harmonies, sure, but essentially quite dull.

Maximo Park were 100% how I expected them to sound, which isn’t a bad thing either. They put on a good show, maybe because they knew it was an industry night, but they joked, jumped and squawked well. I think I would have enjoyed it more if I could have seen the stage and the audience was less reserved but we’re seeing them again at the John Kennedy exposure all day gig on Saturday so maybe that one might be more fun.

Just bought tickets for the Camden Crawl too. Looks really fun – 40 bands across 9 venues on one day? I shall have to wear sensible shoes. Lots of walking me thinks. But just think how many shoes I could get there. At least 100 pairs if I really set my mind to it.

At Popstar Feets today we have a bit of an unexpected pair of shoes. A man who famously punched phillip schofield. Who can it be….?


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