Big Yellow Tutu

January 24, 2005

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Ah, such a fun day was had at the all day g-spot festival at the pleasure unit on saturday.

The first few bands up probably didn’t get the attention they deserved, it was quite empty and mr swish and I were feeling less than perfect after the decision to try and forget our hangovers by eating large fry ups and starting on the gin again at about 2 in the afternoon. We both stood there for about an hour pondering over whether or not we were actually going to be sick. Thankfully we weren’t. Gin is well regarded for its excellent medicinal properties.

We stuck around for a bit but I only live round the corner and neither of us wanted to see 1984 or The IK Plus so we headed home for a binge of drinking more gin and dancing on my bed and desk chair (swish=bed, me=chair) to McFly and Har Mar. It was a well deserved break from looking serious whilst standing around at the gig.

Time flies when you’re listening to McFly it seems and we managed to miss Ciccone. Am gutted. Did catch The Fades, Luxembourg and Rhesus though, but at some point I didn’t notice them changing over on stage. In my head they kinda blurred a little. I’m sure they were all good though.

The end of the gig made standing around in the dark for hours completely worth it. Art Brut 4 kicked it off with a brilliant song that contained one lyric “ben loves men, ben loves men, ben loves men…”. So good. The band is made up of some very young gothy emo kids who’d been there in the audience looking petrified since 2 o clock. They had no reason whatsoever to be nervous they were amazing, even if they did only have 4 songs.

Apparently next up was Art Brut 69. Though i’ll be honest, I’m not sure i can tell the difference between art brut 69 and the fallingovers. it seems like a pretty random mix of ed, james, eddie, keith and mike. there was no clear changeover, just a series of different people jumping on and off stage. They did “you’ll only get bored of her”/”i’m over her”, the next single and “I wanna be Johnny dean”.

So I think next up was The Fallingovers, who are not “an art brut side project – we are just a drinking game”. Shambolic just doesn’t even come close. They started off with either a Rocks song or a cover of The Futureheads. The Rocks song went surprisingly well, with the yummy James from The Rocks still wearing his bad hat but still looking divine. The Futureheads hounds of love cover was hilarious, Eddie clearly didn’t know the song and couldn’t even manage the –oh – ah –oh – ah –oh –ohs on his own, Ed idiot had to come over and help. They did ‘fuck the MSP’, more singing of “Nicky Wire can suck my cock”. But the real singing was to be had along to Fallingovers- totp – art brut 4 – totp – the rocks –totp – Luxembourg – totp etc etc etc…

It was great, they all just stumbled around each other for 20 mins, jumped about and were the most brilliantly under rehearsed band ever. And not once did anyone get up on stage to do a ‘we have to remember what we’re here for’ charity push. The best way to give to charity. Pay on door, throw some money in a bucket, then forget about it with gin and bands. Probably shouldn’t say that but oh well.

I got so many shoes that night. So many that I sat down and looked at the pictures on my camera and tried to match them up to the list I scrawled upon returning home on Saturday night and am struggling to match shoes to name. Lots of people ( well about 5) came up to me and said “you’re that shoe girl”. Am more famous than google. But Dave Gorman was actually at the gig and didn’t tell me he wanted to write a series about my site. Have maybe some way to go then…

I did get to spend the whole day gazing at Mr Argos. He touched my socks.

I’m off swing dancing tonight. i have a new prom style skirt that has a picture of a gun across it and little splatters of blood in red sequins. perfect for dancing. unless kevin spacey’s there, no shoe opportunities.


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